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Enable Facebook Chat on Pidgin or other IM on Windows


f-chat In our last article we detailed how to enable Facebook Chat in iChat and Adium for Mac OS X. This article is focused on Pidgin and other Windows based IM based on XMPP/Jabber. Pidgin uses a XMPP protocol for user discovery. Follow the following instructions and you should be able to communicate with your Facebook friends over Pidgin. If you are using another XMPP/Jabber based IM follow the second half of instructions.

To get it working with iChat follow these steps

  1. Go to "Accounts" and select "Manage Accounts."
  2. On the Basic tab, enter the following info:

Protocol: XMPP

Username: <Your Facebook Username>

Domain: chat.facebook.com

Resource: Pidgin

Password: <your Facebook password>

Local alias: <You Facebook Alias name>

3.     Click the Advanced tab, then enter the following info:

Connect port: 5222

Connect server: chat.facebook.com

(Uncheck the box labeled "Require SSL/TLS")

To get it working with other Windows based IM with based on XMPP follow these steps

  1. Start your instant message program and locate the menu where you can add a new account (usually in preferences or settings).
  2. Create a new account by entering the following info:

Protocol: XMPP or Jabber

Username: <Your Facebook Username>

Domain: chat.facebook.com

Jabber ID: vinay.prashar@chat.facebook.com

Password: <your Facebook password>

3.      Enter the following server info, as requested:

Port: 5222

Server: chat.facebook.com

Use SSL/TLS: no

Allow Plaintext Authentication: no


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