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ValleyWag Take Shelter, Apple Strikes Back


Despite all the risks, ValleyWag went on and continued with their scavenger hunt. Offering up to a $100,000 US Dollars reward for proving the existence of the rumored Apple Tablet, ValleyWag is in for some trouble.

Within a short period of time, Apple lawyers were up and running trying to cease the scavenger hunt that ValleyWag has initiated. A cease-and-desist email had been dispatched to ValleyWag, requesting that the contest be discontinued by 6:00 PM Pacific time today (January 14, 2010).

Disregarding the email, ValleyWag continued on with their hunt, thus sending out a warning for their fans which is, to stay within the bounds of the law and to use a fake email address.

Michael Spillner of Apple’s law firm explains the California law which prohibits the incitement of revealing trade secrets, resulting in placing ValleyWag in danger, as the confidential information it is seeking, is considered a trade secret which would violate California law. Apple also demands that ValleyWag should not publish nor share any information they have or will receive, and send them to Apple.

How did ValleyWag respond? Upon receiving the email, ValleyWag announced the first winner of the scavenger hunt, who turned out to be no other than Apple’s own Michael Spillner. They claimed that the letter from Apple which demands the cease of the scavenger hunt, is the most solid proof till now that an Apple Tablet indeed exists.
ValleyWag states: “… specifically the line ‘Apple has maintained the types of information and things you are soliciting … in strict confidence’ — is the most concrete evidence (from Apple itself, no less!) yet that there may indeed be a tablet in the works.”

Let us all hope, that the Apple event will not be a huge disappointment, as by proving that all these rumors were just a waste of time.


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