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Turning Your iPhone Into a Security “Spy” Camera


The iPhone 3GS features a stunning 3.2 Megapixel camera, however it tends to serve only the basic functions. Honestly it tends to cut back on the basic functions such as zooming in and out, timer mode, multiple shots… Fortunately, some applications came to the rescue, where they provided us with all the missing features the iPhone camera software should have had built in. A pretty famous application is called “Snapture”.

Another application has been approved to the AppStore that makes use of the iPhone’s camera for something else than taking photos or shooting videos. What is it for? Spying.

Have you ever thought of spying on someone (your wife) or what goes on between your cat and dog at night? Well now you can.

To save you from the costs and the installation of security cameras, a new application from Crowded Road has appeared in the AppStore called “Security Cam” featuring at $0.99 US Dollars, from what it does, the name “Spy Cam” suits it best.

The application is pretty basic, it allows the user to choose between two modes, either take a picture based on a time interval, or take a picture upon detecting sound, thus making use of the iPhone’s microphone. As an additional feature, the application will allow you to choose both settings at the same time, thus taking snapshots based on a time interval and upon detecting sound.
To make the application power saving, and in order not to drain the iPhone’s battery, a feature has been implemented which allows the iPhone to sleep after a certain period of time and remain spying.

I am not surprised that it took apple over a year to approve this application, as the application owner stated to CNET News “the app was first submitted to Apple back in December of 2008, where it remained in review purgatory before finally getting approved earlier this week.” Such an application tends to pose serious security risks by invading people’s privacy, which is a huge misuse of the application, and which I believe it would mostly be used for, as no one will seriously use such applications to protect their home, unless they have a couple of iPhones laying around.

I believe that this application lacks some important features, such as audio and video recording, that is if you want to spy on your parents when they kick you out of the room, to have an adult conversation.

Be careful, you don’t want to be caught spying on someone, it can cause you some legal troubles, so be clever as where to position your iPhone and how to retrieve it without raising any suspicions. If you ever get the feeling of being watched, search the room, you never know when you will find an iPhone laying innocently somewhere pointing towards you.


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