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Rumored Features of iPhone 4.0


With the Apple event getting closer every day, lots of rumors are starting to fly around trying to speculate the features of the soon to be released iPhone 4.0 OS. Boy Genius Report claims to have received some exclusive 4.0 features, that were provided to them by a trustworthy source of theirs at Apple.

Some of the new features that will be available in the iPhone 4.0 OS are:

1 ) Multitouch gestures support throughout the whole system.
2 ) MultiTasking
3 ) User Interface improvement
4 ) Easier navigation through the system
5 ) New method to sync contacts and calendars

It is said that the new OS update will only be available for the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS, which would be a huge disappointment for 2G users, however I think its about time to upgrade your 2G’s.

Furthermore, a new rumor is floating around which suggests that the OS 4.0 is the software to be used on the Apple Tablet, that is supposedly to be called the “iTablet”. If this is the case, I believe it would be a huge mistake by Apple as the tablet would just be an enlarged version of the iPhone.

With all these new rumors, the suspense is building up waiting for the Apple event. Bare with us folks, its just round the corner.


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