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Paperless Movie Tickets By Fandango!


Some of you have definitely heard of Fandango, which is one of the two major online, advanced, movie ticket sale sites, along with MovieTickets.com. Fandango currently has an iPhone application that helps you find the theaters near you, and allows you to browse  currently showing movies, watch trailers, read reviews, nevertheless purchase tickets online from your iPhone and print them from their website. If you haven’t heard of it, then here is your chance.

“The ultimate movie-ticketing destination can now be found on your iPhone and iPod touch. Get movie and theater listings with the flick of your finger. Watch trailers. View fan ratings. All while the device’s core location feature finds the theaters closest to you and the movies playing at them. And when you’re ready to buy, it’s as simple as, well, 1-2 with our super-quick purchasing that secures your tickets fast and drama-free. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s showtime.” AppStore – Fandango Description

Through their iPhone application, the process that is being depended upon for purchasing movie tickets, is that when the ticket is purchased, Fandango emails you a pick up code, that you need to present  at the theater along with your credit card. This is kind of a hassle, which has an alternative where you can print your ticket through their website that is basically another hassle.

Fandango is currently in the process of relieving you from all that hassle paper movie tickets brings, by testing out a new service that they are planning to release, which trims it down to using only your iPhone. The process that Fandango is working on, will surely perish paper movie tickets and all the inconveniences they bring.

What is it that this new feature does?

Fandango is currently working on rolling out scannable barcodes, that display on the iphone’s screen and can be scanned at the theater. This will save you the time where you need to stand and wait in line, however it won’t save you some expenses. Surcharges are between $0.75 to $1.50 US Dollars per ticket, moreover with special showings such as IMAX it will cost you up to $2 US Dollars.

When will this major feature be ready for public use?

Leander Kahney of Cult of Mac was told by Darren Cross from Fandango that it is being tested now, and its not too far away, we’ll have it pretty soon.

Some interesting questions has been brought up by ModMyI users one of whom having worked at a movie theater before.

DanTheManMS modmyi user stated:

  • “The question is, how well would those scanners work when reading off an  LCD screen like that of the iPhone? “
  • “People want to be able to leave the theater and come back in a few minutes later. How do they prove they paid if all they have is an image on a phone screen? “

I am kind of intrigued to see how this system would work out, and how many people will adapt to using this new process.


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