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iThreat, Apple Store Gets Threatened


Jason Barry, a 17 years old New York teenager decides to have some fun, by posting a note on one of Apple’s Computers in  Staten Island Mall, threatening to blow up the Apple Store in a suicide bombing.


“I have threatened your store and all its employees with a bloody death… whoever the crew maybe working, or the innocent citizens that walk in… will be eliminated with the force of a… bomb loaded with C4, strapped to my chest.” Jason Barry wrote signing it with his friend’s father name, on one of Apple’s Computers.

[Image From Gizmodo]

Due to the high terrorist threats targeting the USA, authorities will not take this threat lightly, as this is no “joking matter” claims Staten Island District Attorney Daniel Donovan. Jason Barry was apprehended later at his home, and was incriminated in Staten Island Criminal Court under the claim of making a death threat against Apple Store in Staten Island Mall.

Daniel claims when apprehended, that it was all a joke, as he intended to delete the note before leaving, however forgot to. If found guilty, such cases are granted a sentence of 7 years, luckily his parents managed to post his bail.


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