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How To Extend Multitouch Gestures To Other Applications


I can’t imagine using any computer without having multitouch gestures, which is one of the many reasons I am in love with my MacBook Pro.
Have you ever thought of how amazing it would be, if you can use these gestures with any application you want? Well, you can with the help of this guide and ofcourse “MultiClutch”.

Before beginning, download “MultiClutch” from here.

Step 1:

i ) Open up “MultiClutch.prefPane”, it will prompt you to install.
ii ) Choose “Install For All Users” and press “Install”.

Step 2:

Type in your password to allow MultiClutch to be installed.

Step 3:

Now if MultiClutch did not open, you can find it in “System Preferences”, under the “Other” category.

Step 4:

If You are using “Snow Leopard” Then this warning might appear. Just press “OK”. Otherwise continue to Step 5.

Step 5:

Infront of you, a window similar to the one below must be available.

Step 6:

Lets Add our first application to the list. How about we start with “Mail”.
Press the “+” at the bottom left corner.

Step 7:

From the “Applications” Folder, Choose “Mail” and press “Open”

Step 8:

You Should now have a similar window to the one below.

Step 9:

Now select “Mail” from the left pane, then press the “+” from the bottom right corner, to add the desired gestures.

Step 10:

You can add as much gestures as you want. For “Mail” I will be adding 4 Gestures, So hit the “+” 3 more times. You should have something quite similar to the picture below.

Step 11:

Press on the 2 arrows to the right of the gesture’s name, a drop down menu should appear. Then choose the gesture you desire. I am going to assign them as following.

1 ) “Rotate Left”        —–    “Command + BackSpace” to delete a message
2 ) “Rotate Right”     —–    “Command + Shift + U”
3 ) “Zoom In”             —–    “Command + O”
4 ) “Zoom Out”          —–    “Command + W”

Step 12:

If you noticed under the “Key Command” I have assigned different shortcuts. For example:

“Command + W” is for closing the current window
“Command + BackSpace” to delete a message
“Command + Shift + U” is to mark messages as read or unread
“Command + O” to open the message

Each application has its own shortcuts, however the first one I mentioned is almost the same for all applications.

Now how can you figure out the shortcuts? For example in the Mail application, If you go to the top bar menu, select Message, then Mark You will find the option Mark As Unread or Read with the shortcut command next to it. This is the command you need to input in MultiClutch.

Step 13:

Finally if you have configured your Mail application as I did, the this is how the final screen should look like.

Step 14:

Now quit Mail application and reopen it, try to use the gestures that we just implemented.

Note: Some Applications May Not Work.

If you need any further assistance let me know.


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