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GV Mobile Found Its Way To The iPhone


Having been removed from the AppStore due to the reason of duplicating the features of the iPhone, GV Mobile managed to find its way to its iPhone users through Cydia. At just $1.99 US Dollars, GV 2.0+ Mobile has been rebuilt, redefined, and reinforced with a new design and some new impressive features.

What does it do?

GV Mobile allows access to all the features of Google Voice through the iPhone. Google Voice gives you one phone number for all your phones, voicemail as easy as email, and many calling features for free.

What does the new GV 2.0+ Mobile have to offer?

1 ) New Favorites Feature
2 ) New tab system for Contacts, Favorites, Keypad
3 ) Support For Landscape SMS
4 ) Call & Add Contact from SMS Main View
5 ) International support for SMS
6 ) Call, Text, & Add Contact From History
7 ) VoiceMail Transcripts.
8 ) New VoiceMail Layout
9 ) Call, Text, & Add Contact From Voicemail
10 ) Saving VoiceMails to Your iPhone
11 ) Offline dialing
12 ) Default Area code
13 ) More Synchronization Options
14 ) Multiple Accounts
15 ) More Google Settings Statuses

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