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Feed Push – Free iPhone RSS Reader With Push Notifications


Many applications has certainly made proper use of Apple’s Push Services, which came about to be really amazing. Feed Push is one of those many applications, that brings to your iPhone instant push notifications of your favorite RSS feeds. There is no way now you can miss out on new updates. Let us take a look at the application. You can download Feed Push from Apple store at free of cost [iTunes Download Link]

As soon as the application launches you will be presented with a window similar to the one shown below, it will ask you if you would like feed push to send you notifications, choose “OK”.

Now lets see how can we add our favorite RSS Feed “iHackintosh”. You should be presented by a screen like the one below, press the “+” button.

Now lets input the required information.
Feed URL: http://feeds2.feedburner.com/ihackintoshfeed
Push: On
Display Read news: On
Press Done

After pressing Done, you should now be taken back to the main page, and iHackintosh should be available. Now choose iHackintosh to see what new news there is.

Since its the first time you open the feed, press on the refresh button, in order to download the previous RSS feeds.

After refreshing your feed, open up any article, you will be presented with a popup just like the one below, which explains two of the features present in Feed Push.

What can we do while viewing a post, if you noticed the “Tools” button, go ahead a click it, you will be presented with 3 different options.
1 ) FullScreen: which will allow you to view the post in full screen mode.
2 ) Open Website: It will display the whole post as in context on the site, using a built in browser.
3 ) Allow Rotation: Allows you to read the feed in landscape mode, after tilting your iPhone. To disable it go back to the tools menu and click “Allow Rotation” which I think is a bug, as it should state “Disable Rotation”.

Now lets go back to the main page, on the top left corner a “Tools” button is also available. Lets see what options it provides.
1 ) Mark all as read: If you’re not feeling like reading any of the new posts, just go ahead and press.
2 ) Download all feed: Updates all your feeds at once.
3 ) Edit Feeds: Allows you to rearrange, or delete any of the feeds.
4 ) Help me: Which you wont need, since I’m helping out.

Another feature of Feed Push is allowing access to your “Google Reader Account”. Go ahead an choose “Setup”, then input your google’s account and password, then press Done.

If you want to rearrange your feeds, go ahead and choose “Edit feeds”.

And finally, if your not satisfied with my help, then go ahead and choose “Help me”, which will basically explain the User Interface.

Now you can stay up to date with all the news iHackintosh has to bring you.


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  1. Sameer January 31, 2011 Reply

    There are many things i didnt like about it, and i hope those will be considered in the coming updates.

    1- Some topic come without full details, and no direct link is provided to view the full topic.

    2- Push doesnt work all the time. !! , consider Timer Download option, or fix push !!

    3- Old topics stored, consider adding function to auto read, and delete old topics.

  2. Steve November 23, 2010 Reply

    When I do the google reader import, it imports all of them but when I try to go into one of the feeds, it says that the feed urls are not good “pushNews – This seem not a valid feed”

    These are craigslist feeds

    they work fine in google reader

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