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Dear Apple, here’s what we want for iPhone 4.0


The iPhone 3GS was a huge success for Apple, featuring a powerful processor, better camera, better graphics, more storage and so on. However, iPhone OS 3.0 regardless of the new amazing features, still lacks what we consider some basic requirements. Here’s what we want from you Apple to include in iPhone 4.0 :

Software Based:

We have seen some astonishing applications being developed for the iPhone in the jailbreak community, that has definitely changed our iPhone experience. I believe that such applications should be implemented in the new iPhone OS4.0 in Apple’s special way. Some of which are:

1 ) Exposé: We all love the Exposé feature found on our Mac, why can’t we have that on our iPhone Apple? Currently for jailbroken iPhone users there are two applications called Orbit and Overboard which allows a user to quickly locate an open window, or to hide all windows and show the desktop without the need to scroll through many pages to find a specific target.

2 ) Dashboard: Its nice to have some widgets on our iPhones, just like we have on the Mac. Jailbroken iPhones have an application called iDashboard. iDashboard is an application for Apple’s Mac OS X operating systems, used for hosting mini-applications known as widgets. iDashboard implements the same functionality for iPhone. iDashboard already included widgets as the analog clock, translator, calculator, etc. iPhone’s native clock and calculator are only available for “porting” , but in future will be implemented for the other widgets.

3 ) Stack: “Stack is one of the oldest and most popular additions to your iPhone or iPod touch that adds a quick-launch menu to your Dock, giving rapid access to your favorite applications. Stack V3 is also about to release very soon. As the Stack v3 is currently in alpha, to get a copy you must donate via the official site to get a copy.”

5 ) Multitasking: To avoid running applications in the background, Apple has implemented a feature known as “Push Notifications”, where Apple instantly pushes new information to your iPhone such as a new Instant Message. One of its disadvantages is due to the long process, as the update is sent to Apple Push Servers, from there the servers pushes the update to your device, furthermore you have to reopen the application, wait for it to load and connect, and finally receive the update. In multitasking, the application is simply backgrounded,you instantly get notified and immediately access the application.
ProSwitcher (MultiTasking) is an application available to jailbroken iPhones, which allows the switching between applications running in the background. If you’ve heard of Backgrounder, which backgrounds iPhone applications, this is a graphical application which allows us to view the backgrounded applications in a tabbed view similar to that of Safari.

6 ) iBluenova: Lets iPhone Users Send and Receive Files Over Bluetooth The basic missing bluetooth function in the iPhone is now found by iBluenova, which brings to our iPhones the ability to send and receive files using the bluetooth with any bluetooth enabled device.

7 ) iFile: A file manager for the iPhone, lets you browse through your iPhone files, creating folders, copying, pasting, previewing files, sending of files…

8 ) yxFlash player: Play DivX, Xvid and Flash Videos on iPhone With YXFlash.

9 ) DiskMode: Applications for Mac and Windows such as DiskAid allows us to connect our iPhone and use them as a storage device. Apple should implement such feature into the iPhone allowing us to choose connection mode either Storage Mode or Sync Mode.

10 ) Categories: Allows us to create folders on the Springboard to organize our icons and help us reduce number of home screens.

11 ) PogoPlank: Brings to the iPhone a new way of organizing icons. A wheel of categories. Its basic function is the same that of categories, creating folders in which you can place your icons in, however brings a better and faster interface.

In addition to the previously mentioned applications here is another request that currently has no support in the jailbreak community:

12 ) Flash Browser Support: The iPhone is equipped with a fantastic web browser “Safari”, however lacks one main function, that is support for flash. This lack of flash support is a huge drawback for the iPhone which is considered as a great internet device.

Moving on to the Hardware:

1 ) Secondary Camera, for video calling, iChat video chats. Video calling has been around for a while, and its about time for Apple to include this feature in its iPhone.

2 ) External memory slot. Some might say 32giga is more than enough, however why doesn’t Apple include a removable storage, in which will allow us to easily transfer information on it and then plug it back into the iPhone.

3 ) Removable Battery: Come on Apple, why not give us a removable battery? Almost all phones and electronic devices are quipped with removable batteries, why shouldn’t the iPhone? If our battery dies, we have the option of easily replacing it, instead of sending it to you and sit without the iPhone for a week or so just to change the battery.

4 ) Stronger Processor: With all the new applications emerging in the AppStore, the iPhone should have a stronger processor. The HTC-HD2 is equipped with a 1GHz processor, why let HTC be better than you Apple?

5 ) Better Graphics: Amazing games has been released by Major companies on the iPhone, such as EA Fifa 10 and NBA Live 10, Need For Speed and the list goes on and on. Let us boost the graphics on the iPhone, and bring a better gaming experience on the iPhone.

6 ) 5 MP Camera WITH Flash to take pictures at night. Digital cameras are rarely used, as mobile phones are getting decent cameras, there is no need to carry another camera with you. The 3.2 MP camera on the iPhone 3GS is quite good, why not make it better and feature a 5MP camera with zoom functionality and flash for night shots.

7 ) 802.11n Wi-Fi. Currently the iPhone 3GS is equipped with an 802.11 b/g WIi-Fi chip, which can’t make use of your fast home network which is based on Draft N.

8 ) OLED Screen which would deliver more richer colors than the normal LED screen do.


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  1. Kenny February 16, 2010 Reply

    It will also be good to have the ability to spotlight the:

    1. SMSes!
    2. Addressbook’s Notes

  2. Bill McMinn February 9, 2010 Reply

    WiFi Tethering would be an excellent add on, but highly not likely.

  3. Eddie January 23, 2010 Reply


    Please allow me to dock my iphone with a full size monitor keyboard + mouse setup and enable to use a slim version of OS X

  4. Kgb07zy January 14, 2010 Reply

    Hope they do that cuz if they do I’m for sure getting that was thinking of getting the nexus but if they add those updates oh man I’m getting that

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