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Create Blank icons on iPhone Springboard Without the Jailbreak


Here is a great tip for non jailbroken iPhone users to create blank icons on iPhone/iPod springboard. Its a great trick as it helps to create blank icons so that we can line up our icons exactly as you like and use them for customizing the look of the theme (springboard). AppleiPhone.fr published a tip to create space between the icons in the springboard without needing the iBlank. Jailbroken iPhone users can use iBlank, to create an unlimited amount of blank, transparent and completely invisible icons that can be used to create custom springboard layouts.

Following screenshots are the example of what you can do with blank icons, following screenshots are of a modded iPhone with custom background and theme.

Blank IconsiBlankModded iPhone

Create Blank icons on Non Jailbroken iPhone

  1. Make sure you have a working internet connection, first of all launch Safari.
  2. Browse the following site http://blank.appleiphone.fr IMG_0278
  3. Click ” + ”                                                                                     IMG_0277
  4. Click on ” Add to Home Screen ”                                          IMG_0279
  5. At this point you can choose to not give it any name and place it where you want to have the space. That’s all enjoy blank icons on your iPhone home screen.


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  1. Josh January 13, 2013 Reply

    Only issue is that they are always black and not transperant well at least on iOS6

  2. iempty February 10, 2010 Reply

    you should better go to iempty.tooliphone.net !
    appleiphone.fr make a copy of the iempty’s idea the day after it was released, but the original site is iEmpty !
    iEmpty website is better and have a nice iphone-like user interface
    Let’s try it and make your choice !
    Thank you also to update this article if possible to also put the iempty address on it…
    see you soon on iempty !

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