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AppTrackr Replacement of Appulous


TDDebug announced the first impression of AppTrackr on hackulo forums. AppTrackr Download isn’t available yet, it’s in beta form and a web interface will be available very soon. Like you know Appulous was suffering from outages and major downtimes since last few months, TDDebug created a new website called apptrackr which will completely replace Appulous, which is shutting down soon. Apptrackr will inherit the Appulous database and be managed by not only TDDebug but several designers and programmers from all-around the globe. TDDebug is working hard to release apptrackr to replace Appulous this month (if all goes well).

Official Announcement

All of Appulous’ core functionality has been replicated in apptrackr, but not copied. I have created my own iTunes scraper which is compatible with all iTunes stores, while Appulous only supports the US store. Our application database has been populated with information that Appulous has extracted for well over a year now. There are also some subtle changes here and there which differ significantly from Appulous. These changes were made to improve the user experience and/or make deployment easier.


AppTracker Submission

Highlights of the AppTracker user interface.

  • Ajax is used for almost all operations, making the website more responsive and faster. Javascript will render and construct the page instead of our server.
  • App icons are fully rounded instead of being sometimes rectangular and ugly (like on Appulous).
  • Screenshots are viewed in a small frame which can be navigated with buttons. The screenshots will fade/slide in from each other.
  • Categories and sorting options are easy to access and manipulate.
  • Search is easy to operate.
  • Default options on submission are tailored for mass-submission.

When is apptrackr being released?

Apptrackr beta is online now, but only our Advancements, Developers, Moderators, and Staff can use it. All new Apptrackr isn’t completely done yet and can’t be fully released until it is. However team is working hard to release apptrackr to replace Appulous this month (if all goes well).

Disclosure : We are not promoting piracy, we are here just to inform you what is happening new in the iPhone community. So don’t ask us or post links for AppTracker in comment section below.


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  1. John McDonagh July 19, 2010 Reply

    Thanks for this, but all apps and games are downloaded in .rar form and I dont know how to get these on to my ipod touch….no-one seems to be able to enlighten me..thank you again.

  2. andres March 13, 2010 Reply


  3. Yan Yan January 28, 2010 Reply

    Will this new site allow those of us with only ipod touches to…. SHARE our apps like those with iphones? currently hackulous app doesn’t work on ipod touch… I’ve got thousands of games I am dying to share, but can’t. somebody please tell me how I can share my games….. please. Thanks in advance.

  4. Mike January 9, 2010 Reply

    look forword to seeing apptracker. want to thank all involved that are making it happen. thanks

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