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Apple Event Confirmed Jan 27th


Recent invites has been sent out from Apple regarding the rumored Event, which is now confirmed to be taking place on the 27th of January. The event will be held at 10am Pacific Time, at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco.

“Come see our latest creation”, Apple used as a tag line in their invites, surrounded by colorful paint splattered all over.

This invite can be interpreted in different ways, such as the rumored Apple Tablet if announced, could be targeting the artistic field such as drawing, movie editing, music… Furthermore, it could mean that the Apple Tablet will ship in different colors just like their iPods. What if it wasn’t the Apple Tablet? In this case, it could only mean that the rumored iPhone 4G will be available in different colors. Just 9 days left to find out what Apple latest creation is, which could be either the Tablet, iPhone 4G or hopefully both.


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