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iPhone 4G Rumors of the Month


iphone-4g-mockup The WWDC 2010 dates and venue are unknown, but the conference will, in most likelihood, be held in California. WWDC 2008 and 2009 were sold out completely first time in the history of mega Apple event. In short we can say it’s all due to our beloved iPhone. WWDC 2010 is far away and the rumors of upcoming iPhone 4G (something like that) already start spreading in the air. Multi-core processor and a whopping 64GB flash storage is highly rumored. Various reports over internet suggests the chance to see multi-core chips with regard to the processor of the device and then back to the noise of the agreements with Qualcomm to replace Infineon chip for the current 3G network with those owners who also add support to the Verizon network. For more details about Verizon iPhone read our previous article The iPhone 4G will support CDMA and WCDMA networks?

iPhone 4G spotted in Wild by App Analytics

Still Rumors and Rumors on the next model of iPhone for which it was discovered that Apple is already running the first tests in the San Francisco. The developer, known as Pandav, appears to have spotted usage records of an “iPhone 3.1” from analytics generated by PinchMedia for iBart, an application developed by Pandav. iPhone 4G still months to go and we may expect dozens of more rumors before the official launch.

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