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iPhone 3GS 8GB Model Just Around the Corner


A user of apfeltalk forums encountered something unexpected when he recently got his iPhone 3G, According to forum user ordered iPhone 3G but the packaging indicates a 3GS with 8GB. A mistake by Apple or is selling the 8GB iPhone 3GS with before?  Maybe the iPhone 3G stock is finally sold out and Apple will quietly or not quietly (26th Jan Conference) replace the $99 model iPhone with an 8GB 3GS. It remains to be seen what Apple brings in the coming weeks for new products, possibly at the Keynote.  It’s impossible to say anything at the moment so lets wait patiently for 26th January conference.

iPhone3GS_8GB_kl Image Credit Apfletalk Forums

It could be a mistake by Expert or actually have been an advertisement for the new Apple iPhone 3GS. Apple is getting serious competition from Android, so 8GB model can make a difference for Apple towards tech savvy budget-conscious consumers who prefer free or really cheap handsets.


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  1. truth January 5, 2010 Reply

    They are not selling a 8GB 3GS anywhere…..it is a 8GB 3G in Australia.

    Also, to the original poster…it is not of an Apple original box, just some sad attempted copy of one….look through the whole tread.

  2. Khai December 30, 2009 Reply

    In Australia, they’re already selling 8GB 3GS for $718 outright since months ago.

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