Jailbreak your iPhone

iClassic Turns Your iPhone (jailbroken) in to iPod Classic


iClassic the iPod Classic Emulator for the iPhone and iPod touch is available in Cydia store with a very little price tag 2$ only. The app can browse the entire music library just like the good old iPods. So if you are missing the good old days with your iPod classic then go ahead and buy the iClassic and believe me it really worth’s your hard earned money. By default the app doesn’t gives you the original black or silver iPod classic look, developer clarified it’s due to Apple proprietary design. But you can download iPod Classic theme for iClassic in Cydia and enable it via Winterboard and you’ll be in love with your music library once again. Here are the few screen shots of the iClassic on my iPhone, post your views in comments below.

IMG_0215 IMG_0214 IMG_0213

Features of iClassic

* Beautiful iPod classic-like interface.
* Fully functional, math-based click wheel (touch detection is math-based, therefore acting just like you’d expect it to).
* Control your music completely with the click wheel.
* Tap “Menu” and browse your entire music library.
* All buttons are completely functional.
* Hold next and previous to seek forward/backward.
* Shake to shuffle your current playing list.
* Choose if you want the app to vibrate when you press a button (iPhone only).
* Choose between two colors, black and white.
* Choose if you want the status bar to appear shiny or to be matte.

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