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i7 980X is the Six Core Processor not the Rumored i9


Chinese site pconline provided the first leaked details of Intel’s Core i7-980X Processor, previously it was rumored that Intel is testing Six core i9 processor. According to some leaked benchmarks CPU was about 50% faster than the corresponding quad-core Xeon processor. Intel’s new 6-core CPU features 32 nm engraving instead of current 45nm, which results in less power consumption in idle (50% less) and fully-loaded (10% less) modes. Good news is that the current current X58 motherboard will support the Core i7 980X out of the box. Following is a little comparison of the i7 975, 870 processor with the upcoming six core giant.Core i7 980

According to the Chinese site “Core i7 980X codenamed Gulftown, using 32nm manufacturing process, has six core, through the Hyper-Threading Technology can support 12 threads simultaneously, these basic specifications are issued earlier had already been widely circulated. In addition, i7 980X used CPU micro-architecture is Westmere architecture, it is the improved version of Nehalem architecture, will be fully inherit its features and technology, with Core-frequency acceleration technology, Hyper-Threading technology, integrated three-channel memory controller, using QPI bus communications.”

corei72 According to various internet reports 98X series should be released in March 2010.HardMac added that If Apple decides to integrate it into its Mac Pro, and they always have had good relationships with Intel, one should see it fitted in machines with an Apple logo a few weeks in advance. The six-core CPU would give the Apple engineers a growth path that results in a top-of-the-line 12-core Mac Pro that incidentally uses less power.


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