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Create Unlimited Free Ringtones for iPhone on Windows


iRinger is a free utility to create unlimited free ringtones for your iPhone. The sweet thing about this program is that it runs without installing on your system. So you can just double click and it’s ready to go. It’s pretty simple and exports right to iTunes. Most of free iPhone ringtone maker in the wild are malware, but this application is free from money and other bad things. Developer also explained why a hot app like iRinger is free “iRinger has an advertisement window placed in the program which generates revenue towards iRinger. If you donate a minimum of 10$ US, a Donation Key will be sent to you as a gift! This key will close the iRinger advertisement window as well as unlock hidden features.”

If you really are bothered by a small ad appearing that maximises when you hover over it then pay the $10 to get rid of it and get access to the other effect features! If you’re not bothered by it then it still works fine without the extra features!

How to use iRinger

  • Download iRinger from official website click here. Now launch the program and option screen will appear like following.


  • Hit the import button to select the song you want to convert in ringtone, now hit the preview button to listen the song. You can select the starting point by scaling the graph in upper window. Once you finalized the length simply hit the Export button.

Capture 2

  • In next screen you can select Export to iTunes button, export via SCP etc.

Capture 3

Now you can sync your iPhone with iTunes to install the custom ringtones. This application is tested with Windows 7, iPhone 3G OS 3.1.2 and iTunes 9.0.2 and work perfectly.

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  1. jason May 14, 2010 Reply

    hi guys i downloaded iringer pc windows visrta 32 bit
    sems to work fine cnverting and all
    but after sync the ringtones to to the phone
    the ringtone does not show on my phone
    any advice would be appreciated

    kind regards


  2. Zafar Kazi December 22, 2009 Reply

    Awesome app ! Best thing is that it is portable…Thanks Vinay !

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