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Unlock iPhone 3.1.2 Blacksn0w Offline Without WiFi Cydia


Here @ iHackintosh we care about each and everyone, Many of our followers on twitter reported us to have broken WiFi (not even fixed by resetting), Many reports they don’t have the working WiFI connection etc. etc. So they are not able to install blacksn0w on their iPhone. If you are following us from long you may noticed we published a hack to Unlock iPhone 3G OS 3.0 Without WiFi Cydia Now it’s time for Blacksn0w users sake, Here is the final solution, Blacksn0w RC1 Payload files which are ripped off from my phone and all you have to do is to place these two files on a specific location and reboot your phone. T-Mobile users please make sure to turn off 3G in settings before using any unlocking option. Before getting started read the complete article 2-3 times and follow the procedure with a cool mind.


Offline Unlock Method one required Jailbroken iPhone

  • First of all jailbreak your iPhone 3G 3GS 3.1.2  with pwnage tool so you can access file system of iPhone. If you already have a pwned phone then follow the next step otherwise jailbreak first. Follow our previous guide to Jailbreak iPhone 3G 3GS on Windows with custom firmware.

Please note Blackra1n jailbroken phones don’t work with Diskaid until you install AFC2Add from Cydia. That’s why we recommend to jailbreak with pwnage tool. Also please note we can’t publish the custom firmware links so please don’t ask do a google.

  • Download and Extract the Blacksn0w to your Desktop. Download here or here, There are two files in the package first is blacksn0w.dylib and second is com.apple.CommCenter.plist
  • Download and Install DiskAid Here,Connect your phone to computer and launch DiskAid to explore file system of your phone.
  • In disk aid explore /usr/lib/ and place blacksn0w.dylib here, Now and put that plist file in System/Library/LaunchDaemons/ This should be as following.
  1. /usr/lib/blacksn0w.dylib
  2. /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.apple.CommCenter.plist


  • Now close the DiskAid and your phone will be unlocked after the reboot. For those who likes to play with .Deb file follow the following tutorial. Both guides are same first is manual and second is automatic. But both works fine.


Offline Unlock Method two required Jailbroken iPhone with SSH access

You can install blacksn0w.deb if you already jailbreaked and SSH your iPhone. If you are looking for an easy guide for How to Access iPhone via SSH on Windows Mac Check this one. Now download the blacksn0w.deb file from here.

How to Install Blacsn0w.deb (Method 1) :

  • SSH into iPhone – using WinSCP if your on Windows, Cyberduck if your on MacOS.
  • Copy .deb file into tmp folder
  • Quit Cydia if its running
  • Hit Ctrl+T in WinSCP and run the following command :

dpkg -i /tmp/blacksn0w.deb

  • After installation, you can delete the .deb file

How to Install Blacsn0w.deb (Method 2) :

  • SSH your iPhone and go to /var/root/Media/Cydia/AutoInstall Copy the .deb file there and that just reboot  your device. If  Auto install folder is not lying in /var/root/Media/Cydia then you can create urself


If you have any question we’ll love to hear back from you on twitter via @ihackinjosh You can also subscribe to our daily free e-mail news letter and keep your self updated with the latest of iPhone community.


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  1. jmsalazar January 20, 2011 Reply

    It does works fine with fw 3.1.2, now I have it in fw 4.1, does somebody know if there is blackrain for 4.1?

  2. Rakan January 18, 2011 Reply

    Hi… I followed all the steps required above. But It’s still not unlocked, I did the reboot! and it is still locked!??? Why? Please i need a HELP!!! THANKS

  3. xfrostyx September 30, 2010 Reply

    For those of you like me who tried to unlock with blacksn0w (specifically 3gs on 3.1.2) and developed trouble with wifi, (could not recognize or connect with wifi) then I have a solution that worked for me. First, uninstall blacksn0w from your phone, do not delete the repository. Next, turn on the wifi and connect (I connected to my wireless modem). Now, reinstall blacksn0w. I hope this works for you, it worked for me.

    good luck

  4. kefe September 2, 2010 Reply

    i have the same problem as bota n afew other people on the list now tell me how i can solve this problem where im stuck on the apple screen!!!…

  5. NAB June 15, 2010 Reply

    You are Genius! thanks vinay.. Thank you so much!!!! it has worked. But i still have no wifi connection.. Just too bad. But the first method using Diskaid worked for me. After so much searching on the net and trials Iv finally been able to unlock my iphone.. thanks again am really grateful to you guys..

  6. Alfred June 13, 2010 Reply

    Thanks man…it´s Work

  7. praveen June 10, 2010 Reply


  8. kinim May 16, 2010 Reply

    otimo tutorial obrigado amigo.

  9. zeeroof April 3, 2010 Reply

    waou, you saved my life. i was feeling so powerless without wifi nor 3g
    thanks !

  10. deko March 28, 2010 Reply

    I have experienced the same hanging issue. After moving these two files into the folders of the custom 3.1.2 firmware. I got hanging on apple logo after rebooting. Can someone please help? thanks!!

  11. eskilos March 24, 2010 Reply

    Same problem here as Bota. I also noticed that the .plist actually didn’t have the .plist ending, but that might just have been that it was hidden in windows. I tried to see it without success.

  12. Bota March 16, 2010 Reply

    Hi! Please, please help me! After transfering these 2 files, i turned my iphone off. So, i can’t turn it on! it’s apple picture for 3-4 min, and then reboots. Can I delete these files, or how solvethis problem??? Please help!

  13. fazal March 15, 2010 Reply

    u r Great………..

  14. szak5 March 15, 2010 Reply

    Works perfectly, the best way is first jailbreak 3g with blackrain then use redsnow 0.9.2 to install cydia and then use this, everything will work perfect after u are done with it.

    Thanks alot!

  15. foolmonty March 5, 2010 Reply

    no network (either stuck up at searching network) then freezes again and on rebooting stuck up at apple logo.

  16. edinnide February 26, 2010 Reply

    Ok, I managed! I just deleted the existing file and transferred com.apple.CommCenter.plist and reboot. found a carrier. If you need help (to win) Khurram write to me becaouse i had same problem.

    Cheers and thanks

  17. edinnide February 26, 2010 Reply

    After uploading com.apple.CommCenter.plist it says that it has already existing, and i choose Agree, after rebooting its died like Khurram said. But i’m waked up it, its not problem.
    So, there is trouble, i have tried only blacksn0w puting, but it cant find carrier. What can i do?

    Any idea? thanks

  18. Khurram February 23, 2010 Reply


    I did exactly as it was written in the guide but after completing it my iphone is dead, it wont turn on. I tried holding both button 10 seconds.In itunes it wud show the capacity, version and software as N/A. Tried everything, still my phone is dead.
    please help

  19. S a n d e R February 21, 2010 Reply

    thanks for the great workaround guys! been trying to unlock fucked up iPhone with no WiFi from a friend whole day and finally found this tutorial. works like a charm on Mac!

    thanks again, i’m very happy after struggling whole day.

  20. Cell Sharif February 6, 2010 Reply

    Thanks for Offline black Sn0w and diskaid tool, working nice

  21. 5toyi6 February 4, 2010 Reply

    can i update iphone3g to 3.1.2, then jailbreak with redsn0w .9.3 and unlock using blacksn0w?
    is the a new ultrasn0w for baseband 5.11. ?

  22. RRR February 3, 2010 Reply

    worked fine for me, also under mac osx.
    Thank you so much.

  23. sean H January 27, 2010 Reply

    if anyone still have the WiFI with no connection problem need to go to setting—general—-reset all setting, this won’t hurt anything, then YAHOO you’ll get WIFI back. Not need to restore the phone setting!

  24. Nicholas January 26, 2010 Reply

    what a wonderful tool.Everything works 100%……..perfectly,wifi,sim etc.KUDOS to the ihackintosh.team.Users should be patient and follow the instructions carefully

  25. Moe January 25, 2010 Reply

    and please please please reply to my email ! i cant freaking wait to get the phone working and the apps ! :'(

  26. Moe January 25, 2010 Reply

    hey there hackintoch-ers.

    i’ll explain my issue here and i’ll be waiting for your reply.

    i got my iPhone hacked already and had everything, cydia , blackra1n , everything . i restored it and updated it to the last version , then i got stuck ! the sim card wasnt working , so i downgraded my iphone by restoring to the 3.1.2 frimware . done the same steps for blackra1n but sadly .. no internet connection ! 3G isnt working , i’ve tried blackra1n on wifi .. but nothing .. restored wifi sittings .. nothing .. re-do everything .. nothing ! i just need an internet connection “3G” and i dont know how can i get it when my iphone doesn’t read my sim ! it works but no signal ! believe me i’ve checked every thing ! but i need to solve the internet thingy and i’ll be just fine ! please please please ! HELP ! ASAP ! SOS ! EVERYTHING !

  27. Yogi January 23, 2010 Reply

    Hi christian

    As u said that u had jailbreak ur iphone thru blackra1n but then also you can acess your root menu with diskaid the simple way is launch your cydia in that search for afc2add and then install it after rebooting pls connect to your pc and then launch diskaid you will able to acess your root menu as of if you are still getting problem with blckra1n
    then i will recommend you to download redsn0w0.9beta3 which will help out in every possible way. thanks


  28. bigboboylove January 20, 2010 Reply

    So I used Blackrain to unblock my phone and was warned NOT to let my Iphone 3gs run out of battery or reboot the machine by switching it off, as this would require me to unblock again and possibly reset all my settings. Well after months of careful charging I had no problem, until yesterday when I took it on holiday and forgot my charger and the phone inevitably ran out of juice. Low and behold my phone was blocked again.

    I was able to get my hands on a usb charger and recharged my phone but unfortunately the phone needed to be unblocked aain with blackrain, I did this and everything seemed ok, except after careful examining I realised my WIFI wasn’t working. I took it to the nearest Apple store and they just said it was hardware problems and that I was required to return the phone to Apple. I then went online to find a solution and after reading all the posts I persisted with the continued cracking of the Iphone to no avail. I reset the original net settings to no avail. I switched to airplane mode to no avail, I was even contemplating resorting to putting it in the fridge as suggested by one post.

    Finally I switched to airplane mode and used black rain one more time just to ease my frustration and low and behold at the 10th try the wifi finally kicked in again. Phew.

    To cut a long story short, if you’ve used the blackrain software don’t let the battery go flat and if you ever do let it go flat and you lose your wifi, persist with blackrain and maybe it will reset itself again. NO promises, but I think the 3gs is a tempremental machine but a powerful one and that most problems can be redtified with a little tweak here and there. Don’t give up and always persist with the blackrain.

  29. christian January 14, 2010 Reply

    hy i have a problem with my 3g iphone, phone wifi its dead, not working, i tried to restore with 3.1.2, but i cannot jailbrake with redsn0w(its the only way to unlock the iphone, i can doit with blackra1n but i cannot acces root menu with disk aid to unlock the iphone)…what to do

  30. suadi January 14, 2010 Reply

    man i just had to write a comment bout this it worked for me 100% ibeen trying for 3 months to unlock my 3g 3,1,2 i tried so many options did work not even blackra1n my wifi wasnt working but i did this even my wifi and iphone got unlocked thankyou very much Respect to Geohotz

  31. shurst January 7, 2010 Reply

    Does all of this work for the itouch 3g or just the iphone?

  32. SMQ January 4, 2010 Reply

    works perfect
    geohotz u rock 😀

    Thanx alot

  33. iPILOT December 31, 2009 Reply


  34. wasim December 31, 2009 Reply

    I am also having same issues, wifi, gps and youtube doesnt work on jailbroken iphone 3g 3.1.2.
    Somehow gps started working but wifi was not able to detect any network even if you side beside router :-)) I know thats the limit, last option left was to tie up iphone with router :-))
    NOTE: its just a router without internet

    I restored iphone, ran blackrain.. now wifi is working but gps gone!!!..Yet there is no network on phone coz i didnt unlock it..and trying to search a way to install cydia to unlock!!!.. but everyone is using Wi-Fi to download cydia.. there is no offline method..
    Ok, there is.. followed those steps using iFunBox, but the directory structure is not the same as shown in video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=65_jOpfbZRs

    I even posted my comment over there..

    I dont know what to do.. totally pissed off.. its wastage of money buying this garbage..

  35. Martin December 23, 2009 Reply

    I just jailbreak my Iphone i’ve bought in the States, i’ve move to Québec and that was the only way to get it to work, dont even try to call AT&T or Apple they are useless ! The phone work great but the Wifi was not working after I turn the phone off for the first time ! but if you reset all the setting, Wifi will come back on, take a few minutes to go thru for the phone to reboot and to set all the icon back in place !

    Thanks for Blackra1n !! just save me 600 $ 😛 ( yes thats the price in Québec for the 8Gb Iphone )

  36. your friend December 20, 2009 Reply

    wow!!! What an amazing job….:)
    It works 100%…
    special thanks to ihackintosh team and Geo hot ^^

  37. Rahul December 20, 2009 Reply

    “Silent Soul said:
    I was getting only emergency dialing screen. I have iphone 3G with 3.1.2 firmware and baseband as 05.11.07. I use Blackra1n to jailbreak it. It goes fine. Now i can install apps from apple store and also I can the blackrain icon in my iphone. but I have no wifi. How to unlock it without wi fi. I googled and got to know using diskaid we can do. Bt when i use disk aid i cannot open root directory of iphone as it says your phone is not jailbreaked. How to proceed. Please help

    You can try restoring your pHone with CustomFirmware 3.1.2 , and then run Blackr1n.exe , it will be jailbrok, and you will be able to accss ,the root folder 🙂

  38. Rahul December 20, 2009 Reply

    Copying blacksn0w.dylib and com.apple.CommCenter.plist using DiskAid,method did not work for my iPhone to unlock it.
    So I tried installing Blacsn0w.deb , but again for this I need to have the Wi-Fi IP address tp SSH my iPhone , that I don’t have sience it don’t show IMEI(blank) ,ICCID(balnk)and ModemFirmware also balnk. and “No Wi-Fi”.
    Please let me know how can I SSH my iPhone withough the HostAddress(IP address of my iPhone)
    Thanks a lot..

  39. sanjay December 11, 2009 Reply

    hi, can i unlock my iphone 3gs with 3.1.2

  40. Silent Soul November 18, 2009 Reply

    I was getting only emergency dialing screen. I have iphone 3G with 3.1.2 firmware and baseband as 05.11.07. I use Blackra1n to jailbreak it. It goes fine. Now i can install apps from apple store and also I can the blackrain icon in my iphone. but I have no wifi. How to unlock it without wi fi. I googled and got to know using diskaid we can do. Bt when i use disk aid i cannot open root directory of iphone as it says your phone is not jailbreaked. How to proceed. Please help

  41. pimpinturtle November 11, 2009 Reply

    WIFI LOST! Can’t detect any networks after I was forced to reboot today. Please advise!

  42. baloch03 November 10, 2009 Reply

    I can’t install blacksnow as all iphone browsers say it is jailed, I used blackrain rc3 and have 3g now on 3.1.2 bb 5.11.07. I can see blackrain icon. I don’t have wifi and phone does not connect through any sim, so plz let me know how to get out of this issue.

  43. Muhsin November 10, 2009 Reply

    Hey guys, so i did the jailbreak, plus unlock process, i get no SERVICE.

    i dont understand, i’ve re-tried it over 30 times and over and over, no hope.

    this morning, after installing black snow, i installed ultrasn0w, which gave me service for a few seconds, but not right away. i thought it was a failure, when i just put the phone in my pocket and left for college. i felt it vibirate. i was over excited, but the signal was gone again.

    maybe this can help someone make a new fix, or find a solution to the problem.

    Thanks ~ Muhsin

  44. Nick November 10, 2009 Reply

    Ok I used Black ra1n to jail break after i jail broke it it says IPhone will not work with ITune untill you restore. As you should know from an Ipod Touch Ipod+Itunes=Wifi but Ipod-Itunes=NO WIFI
    You have to treat it as if it were a Touch

  45. KENNAM November 8, 2009 Reply

    everyone who lost there wifi after unlocking try to reset all setting “settings >> general >> reset >> reset all settings”. it works for me.. good luck. //sorry for my bad english.

  46. ALIM November 5, 2009 Reply

    I have the same problem. ONLY AFTER REBOOTING THE IPHONE is WIFI LOST. my iphone 3GS cant even see any wireless network. Any suggestion??

  47. Bob November 5, 2009 Reply

    Hey Geo, you r gifted man…Thanks for freeing the world from those unethical monopolistic behaviors…
    After unlocking 3.1.2 bluetooth pairing with any headset is not being possible…!!! spent all night and restored and unlocked the phone several times…it say ” searching” and shows “HEADSET” instead of the bluetooth model name..then nothing….pls help

  48. Mohamed November 5, 2009 Reply

    I downloaded the 3.1.2 from here for my 3gs phone but after extracting waht I downloded I do not see any files *.ISPW so I can not restore it from my windows (shift + choose ispw files) any advise how to insatll 3.1.2

  49. Mark Kurs November 5, 2009 Reply

    WIFI doesn’t work after the Blacksn0w unlock not before. Resetting Network Connections doesn’t bring back Wifi. Had already jailbroken 3gs with custom 3.12 ipsw. After installing blacksn0w on Cydia phone appears to have Wifi, 3g, and AT&T Service and is activated.



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