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The Mac Sale 2 Offers 10 Apps for 49.99$



The Mac Sale announces the availability of their latest Mac software bundle, which contains the following great apps. Mac Sale 2 offers almost $500.00 worth of quality software for just $49.99, The Mac Sale provides incredible value to the Mac OS X users. The sale includes Crossover Games to run many popular Windows games on your Intel OS X Mac or Linux PC. Another useful utility is Mac Journal, Macjournal used to blog on Blogger, WordPress, LiveJournal, MobileMe, or many more.

The following apps are included in the 2nd Mac Sale:

  • Crossover Games ($25.99) – Now gamers can play the games they want, on whatever platform they want! With CrossOver Games, you can run many popular Windows games on your Intel OS X Mac or Linux PC.
  • Picturesque ($29.95) – Picturesque is a simple app with a simple goal: to make images more beautiful.
  • HoudahGeo ($30) – With HoudahGeo you may “pin” photos to locations where they were taken.
  • MacJournal ($39.95) – MacJournal organizes all your important information and helps chronicle your life faster and easier than ever before.
  • Morph Age Regular ($59.95) – Morph Age is an application for morphing/warping images and movies on Mac OS X, such as faces, and save the result to a QuickTime movie.
  • Opacity Express ($39.99) – Opacity is an editor for screen graphics designed exclusively for Mac OS X.
  • Searchlight ($39) – Search and access all your Mac’s files remotely via your iPhone or any web browser.
  • Vinoteka ($29.90) – Vinoteka is a brand new wine cellar management software for Mac.
  • Stone iMaginator ($99) – This is the ideal partner for any digital camera, allowing your creativity behind the lens to continue unhindered on your Mac
  • Stor ($16.99) – Stor is the new and easy to use MySQL editor from The Escapers.

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