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SSHServices : Fix Problem with the SSH Connection Cydia


SSHServices is a new Tweak available in Cydia, SSHServices aims to solve a problem that occurs only on some Jailbroken iPhone. If you are facing SSH timeout errors constantly this fix is for you. It must be installed only on devices that return a specific error when you try to establish a connection via SSH. The error in question is a sentence like: “Your Device is not Jailbroken, and SSH client shows only the files in the folder” mobile “without access to the” root “root.


Needn’t to mention again but: Install this tweak only if you are facing such kind of problems.

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  1. mogli November 25, 2009 Reply

    i got a question concerning my ssh connection. always when i try to connect to my iphone using cyberduck, i recieve die following message: “The connect() operation on the socket timed out.”
    can i also use ssh services to fix the problem or what else can i do to fix it?

    thx for hepl!

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