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SmartScreen : How to Installation and First Impression


SmartScreen Finally wait is over Dev team members Wizdaz and MediaPhone released SmartScreen from last two months. Today team announced the availability of SmartScreen. The app will allow you the ability to have multiple widgets on the lock screen of the iPhone and iPod touch. The widgets are able to be moved around using the icon moving “wiggle” feature. MediaPhone released two version of SmartScreen  “Lite” and “Full”.  Lite version has few limitations like  Controls Screen, iPod Shake to Shuffle on Lock screen, Show/hide and preview the widget, Updates with new features are unavailable. Also “Lite” version has a limit of 3 widgets. Full version of SmartScreen requires a key you can buy it here for 5$ Buy it now.

Features of SmartScreen :

  • View a various widgets on your iPhone “Lock” screen (Weather, Calendar, Twitter, Notes, and more)
  • Rearrange your “Lock” screen
  • Multiple screens
  • Controls Screen (iPod control, toggles for Wireless interfaces and Services) by double tapping Home button
  • Enable “iPod Shake to Shuffle” on “Lock” screen
  • Simple organizing widgets in the SmartScreen.app. You can rearrange, hide or show and preview widgets

How To Install SmartScreen and Widgets

  • Launch Cydia and navigate to Manage >> Sources and then press Edit  >> Add to add the SmartScreen Repo.
  • Add the MediaPhone Repo “apt.media-phone.ch


  • Now browse the repo and install the SmartScreen Lite or Full version. To add widgets simply browse the repo.


Widgets For SmartScreen

At the moment only 4 Widgets are available but te best thing about SmartScreen is that developers have created some sort of SDK to ensure that all people can create new Widgets to be used by this application.  So we can expect in the coming days we will get new utilities. We’ll inform you all the latest here.

DevTeam Updates : The Widget DevTeam finally, is an RSS reader that automatically updates every day (this parameter can be customized). Then displays a small piece of text on the last article posted on its official blog.

Clock : The clock however, provides for full customization. First, they can decide whether to show or hide it through a switch, but we also have other settings that allow us to choose the size of font, format and even the color of the numbers.

Notes : The widget is highly customizable because it allows us to choose the font (even watching the preview), the size of the text and format of the date.E ‘connected directly to the native Notes database and then display all our notes on lockscreen saved.

Calculator : As for the calculator, is translucent and works very quickly. E ‘can make even the square root and percentages. The Widget can be customized.

GiveAway Details

We’ll giveaway 5 license of SmartScreen anytime soon. For more information stay tuned with us on twitter or subscribe our free daily e-mail newsletter to make sure yourself to not miss any buzz of the iPhone community.


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  1. Ian November 24, 2009 Reply

    I agree with the above. Talk about misleading garbage. They post pictures with it running all these widgets and talk about all it can do, only to release it with notes and a lame calculator. To top it off, they charge $5. Does it strike anyone else as odd that there’s pictures of all those widgets and none of them are available? I’ll pass on any future paid apps from these clowns.

  2. eric November 23, 2009 Reply

    the lite version takes a away the music player functionality from the lockscreen, with no widget to replace it…

  3. Les Novak November 22, 2009 Reply

    What the hell? I waited for this app and the only main widget I wanted was weather – which isn’t on it.

  4. Kathy November 22, 2009 Reply

    LOVE IT! Got the Lite version. It’s a bit buggy. Sometimes I have the time and the date and sometimes it’s gone. No worries I reinstall and the world is alll good. One request please, could you offer the time in a 12 format in addition to the 24 format, please? Thanks a bunch for this great widget. As soon as I get a job, I’ll get the full version.

  5. jtchurch November 21, 2009 Reply

    So far it seems a little underwhelming. Holding out for the Cydget version of this idea.

  6. marcel November 21, 2009 Reply

    where is the weather widget? as nice the idea is, as not useful the app is >at the moment<. so after i spent 5$ I have to wait till other devs make the work for mediaphone… ok I wait…. hmm ..

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