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Pakage : Yet Another Alternative of Cydia


After ICY from Rip Dev and Kryptes from Sleepers.net we have another alternative of Cydia. Needn’t to mention about the previous alternative because they were epic fail. Recently developer Xuxx / chpwn announced their project Pakage, it’s currently in alpha stage. Beta version will be available soon for selected group of tester who will see what can be better than Cydia. Just as Cydia and Icy, Pakage able to read files that work with the Debian repositories normal that you already know, and is now in alpha stage. Developer behind the Pakage promises that its application will be more powerful than the same application produced by Saurik and RipDev.


Other details have not yet been revealed, but a website with coming soon message is live. We will keep you updated on developments in this exciting project.

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