Jailbreak your iPhone

MiKandi adults App Store for Jailbroken iPhone too soon


MiKandi.com is a new sensation available for Android users, MiKandi is App Store free for adults. The developers have managed to not break the rules of Google. Google has rules for Android Market that prevent app devs from incorporating adult content. Due to Android’s open nature you can get pretty much anything you want on your phone. To buy the adult apps, you can access them by visiting MiKandi.com from your Android phone. Adult application developers share the revenue with MiKandi.


Mikandi for iPhone

The developers behind MiKandi have also stated that they are optimizing the application for other devices are also including our beloved iPhone, however, must be jailbroken. Of course we’ll update you with the upcoming sensations, so keep following your favorite iPhone news source “iHackintosh”

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  1. Lol February 19, 2010 Reply

    I want this for iphone come on mikandi

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