Jailbreak your iPhone

Jailbreak Unlock iPhone 2G 3.1.2 With Blackra1n Windows Mac


The Blackra1n RC3 software is available for both Windows and Mac (Tiger+PPC) users, and it supports  iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS. Blackra1n RC3 is the most advanced and easy to use utility. Blackra1n RC3 includes the Blacksn0w “ unlock for the latest 05.11.07 baseband ” “ enable official tethering ” and a ” huge 15 second speed improvement ”.  We also apperitiate the stand of GeoHot to declining the $ 10K prize money from Jody Sander. We already published the Jailbreak Unlock iPhone 3G 3GS 3.1.2 with Blackra1n. Here’s the guide that allows you to run the Jailbreak, activation and unlocking the phone part of all the EDGE.  Please note Blackra1n is just for jailbreak later we need a working WiFi connection to Install BootNeuter from Cydia.


Guide to Jailbreak your iPhone

Step One. Download Blackra1n RC3 and double click the rain drop icon to launch the program. Windows 7 Vista users if you have any difficulty in launching the program follow the highlighted instructions otherwise jump to Step Two. I didn’t faced any problem with Windows 7so just in case if Blacksn0w crashes during the launch follow the following three steps otherwise Jump to Step Two.

  • Right-click the blackra1n icon and click properties.
  • Click the Compatibility tab.
  • Under compatibility mode click the box to enable it and select Windows XP (Service Pack 2). Click OK, and then run blackra1n.

Step Two. Click the make it ra1n button.


Step Three. You iPhone will now be placed in recovery mode. You will see a picture of GeoHot that replaces the regular recovery mode screen on your device.

Step Four. Your iPhone or iPod Touch will reboot once blackra1n is done doing it’s thing and you should see the blackra1n icon on there. If you don’t see the blackra1n icon, go to the last page on your iDevice and you should see it.


Step Five. Install Cydia from the blackra1n app. You have the option of choosing Cydia, and Rock. I don’t recommend you to install both of them at once, because that may cause problems. Install them one at a time then reboot and then second one.

Step Six. Open Cydia and run updates essential. Now search for “BootNeuter” and install the bootneuter app.When BootNeuter Starts make sure that the application has following configurations. 2385378772_045094124a

Step Seven : When you are ready click on the button “Flash” and after a few seconds you will have unlocked the phone part of your iPhone 2G a.k.a. iPhone EDGE

Warning do not interrupt the process of flashing : This may take some time before being completed, so you should have a little patience. Another tip while first syncing to itunes set your phone as new phone to avoid long run problems.

If you have any question we’ll love to hear back from you on twitter via @ihackinjosh You can also subscribe to our daily free e-mail news letter and keep your self updated with the latest of iPhone community.


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  1. David February 3, 2011 Reply

    Can you please give me a way to unlock,jailbreak, and activate iPhone 1g 3.1.3 thanks i tried everything it is impossible

  2. BIGRICH0272 August 13, 2010 Reply


  3. suresh July 31, 2010 Reply

    blackra1n is a crap, wasted my time & energy

  4. Tiago July 31, 2010 Reply

    Hey,I have some problem while I was flashing my iphone 2G. It took more than half an hour, and my iphone was realy realy hot! after wait about 45 minutes the process of flash haven´t finished yet, and because I was worryed that it could damage meu iphone because the heating I´ve pressed the home button. But now I my cell isn´t working, and i can´t restore it to some custom firmware, or either to any firmware not customed. Do you know what can I do to fix my Iphone?

    thanks a lot!

  5. nakedgoose June 11, 2010 Reply

    hi i have a 2g with fw 3.1.2 and i did the blackra1n and bootneuter but yeah i keep getting the emergency calls only when i put my att go phone sim. is it because its a go phone sim? shouldnt it work with any sim… it lets me make calls but wont let me in my iphone like it normaly does

    help pls

  6. Rejish April 11, 2010 Reply

    I’ aint an expert in this topic…but let me share a small peice of info…try upgrading your wifi router firmware…this would solve the conection problem with wifi….i doubt , after firmware upgrade in iphone the wifi router (which ever make)is unable to provide an ip to the iphone which was working fine before…try this..

  7. al April 9, 2010 Reply

    Just a note to say that I had the same unlocking problem with 2g 3.1.2 using blackrain. It jailbroke but did not unlock, seemed to be a boot neuter problem.
    So I tried what SOLUTION from November 11 4.30 am said (put phone in dfu mode, restore to 3.0 ispw, and then use redsnow v.0.7.2) and it worked —it unlocked and phone now works with my rogers sim card (it was at&t previous).
    Thanks and just passing it on in case anyone missed it.

  8. Madmae March 31, 2010 Reply

    Hi – I have iphone 2G on 1.1.3 Firmware. I put FW 3.1.2 with this tutorial and was sucefull. Great tutorial. TKS

  9. SIva February 28, 2010 Reply

    Hi – i have the same problem like paresh. My iphone (2G) was working fine on FW 3.0, redsno0wed (jail broken + unloked). I have no service after i upgraded (Itunes 9.0.3 + Windows 7). I tried Redsnow 0.7.1, 0.8, 0.9.2, with IPSW 3.0 & 3.1.2; Also tried Blackra1n+bootnueter with (iPhone1,1_3.1.2_7D11_Restore.ipsw). My WIFI, blutttoth, everything works fine. I am confident it is not the HW problem. At times immediately after the jailbreak and unlock I get the service and works intermittently for a short time. I could call and receive calls. Any help is highly appreciated. thanks in advance.

  10. Rahul February 15, 2010 Reply

    Hi… I got a new iphone without any simcard in it. I ran the blackra1n after installing 3.1.2 from itunes. Now my phone is in recovery mode but instead of seeing GeoHot page on iphone I can see a USB cable with itunes sign on my phone. Does anybody knows why this happened and how to resolve this.

  11. Alex February 4, 2010 Reply

    So I have a IPhone 2g 3.1.3 and every time (I’ve tried it three times) that I open Itunes plug in Blackra1n and hit let it rain it does the connect to Itunes thing. I’m using a mac plz help

  12. matso February 1, 2010 Reply

    Nice jailbreak + unlock! I didnt’t even need the BootNeuter, only ran blackra1n and everything was done :o!

  13. SANTHOSHKUMAR January 28, 2010 Reply

    I have used blackra1n to jailbreak and unlock my 3g 3.1.2. But suddenly yesterday when I restored and redo everything. Blacra1n doesn’t seems to work. I get the message “Please check your Internet Connection” which is not allowing to display Cydia or Rock Apps for download. I can use Apple Store without any problem.I try to reset the network settings and reboot the phone also but it is showing the same problem
    this application i am using in UAE

    Please need solution to use the benefits of Jailbreak again…..Need Help

  14. Qais January 28, 2010 Reply

    Im so glad…. never knew this software is way too easy to jailbreak….

    Thanks to the teamwork..!!

  15. frustrated January 27, 2010 Reply

    hey Mica,
    did you get a solution to your problem 😕

    “mica said:
    My 2g iphone is jailbroken with 3.1.2(7D11)blackra1n last afternoon. Modem firmware is 04.05.04_G, i cannot unlock the phone,(NO sim service) i use a Swisscom mobile sim card I get a alert sim card isnt supported, ………. when i click on blackra1n icon says please check your internet connection.(err… any solution guys, please… help”

    I have a 2G iphone as well – jailbroken, 3.1.2 (7D11), Modem firmware 04.05.04_G. I really just want to unlock the phone . . .
    someone pl helP!!! 🙂

  16. dluck January 25, 2010 Reply

    followed every step and iphone works fine!!

  17. Dean January 23, 2010 Reply

    I’ve got a little problem with my Iphone 2g. When I connect it to my pc my itunes won’t recognize my Iphone so i can’t use my iphone in itunes. Also every time i try to open Youtube on my iphone it says “can’t connect to youtube”. Can someone help me with these problems?

  18. Paresh January 22, 2010 Reply

    I have iphone 2g using in India and bought from USA. I have upgraded the version from 1.1.2 to 3.1.2 and unlock using blackra1n. After unlocking process, phone is unlocked but no service message display.

    Even i reset the network setting but not getting any solution…

    WIFI works fine but no service message irritate me..

    does any one having a same problem and recovered from it. i need your help to solve the problem.

    Please Please do me a favor…..

    Thanks in Advance

  19. zom January 19, 2010 Reply

    Hi everybody!

    This quide also helped me (iPhone 2G). But after the blackra1n the apps which were installed earlier were not removed. And there was no need to install them again after upgrading.
    And the another thing is that I have installed cydia without wi-fi, just with gprs.

    Thanks again!

  20. Trev January 19, 2010 Reply

    This process cannot work on a locked phone. Once the firmware is installed and jailbroken, the iPhone won’t allow you to access any applications on the phone. This means that you can’t access the BootNeuter to unlock the phone. If your phone is locked then best wait for the DevTeam to PWN the 3.1 firmware. I had to put my iPhone into DFU Mode and roll back to 3.0 firmware and used the DevTeam QuickPwn to unlock the phone.

  21. Dev January 18, 2010 Reply

    Hi I installed blackra1n on my iphone but now I am unable to use wifi as on click of blackra1n app on my iphone it shows message “Please check your internet connection…” though I have a wifi connection on which I am using my laptop also. Also due to this I am unable to see different packeages on blackra1n like Cydia, Rock etc…
    Please HELP!!!

  22. whee! January 18, 2010 Reply

    I had the same problem with iPhone 2G 3.1.2 and BootNeuter. I followed the steps from SOLUTION!!! above and I was able to use my T-Mobile SIM. Thanks SOLUTION!!!.

  23. Darren Fava January 13, 2010 Reply

    Hi, everything worked fine thanks.

    I first updated with itunes and when the iphone was put in “emergency state” (activation screen), I used blackra1n with XP service pack 2 compatibility to jailbreak.(with no sim card)

    Out of curiosity I placed in my sim card before I installed Bootneuter and it worked 🙂 I think that blackra1n unlocks your 2g iphone as well without the need of bootneuter.

    everything worked perfectly. These steps are the only ones that worked on my 2g iphone when using blackra1n RC3.


  24. redfoot January 13, 2010 Reply

    AmAzInG – this guide brought my 2G back from the dead.

  25. fefo January 6, 2010 Reply

    I have used the last blackra1n to jailbreak and unlock my 3g 3.1.2. But
    Blackra1n doesn’t seems to work. I get the message “Please check your Internet Connection” which is not allowing to display Cydia or Rock Apps for download. I can use Apple Store without any problem.

    I think the link for “Blackra1n” is blocked by the operator (UAE) in conjuction with the Apple.

    Please need solution to use the benefits of Jailbreak again

  26. Manith January 5, 2010 Reply

    Hi, Please help, I have succesfully install the blackrain icon in my iphone. However, when I tap on the icon in my iphone, I always get error message: “Please check your internet connection”. I was in the Wi-Fi enable and able to browse internet go to iTune from the iphone but whenever I tap on the blackrain icon, I always get that error message and I have not seen any Cydia, Rock or Sn0w applications at all… Please help! Thanks

  27. Oscar January 4, 2010 Reply

    Need help..I got 2g w/3.1.2
    jail broke it with cydia. Flashed with Bootneuder but still not unlocked..I downloaded 3.0 ispw but cannot restore it with itunes.i can not even see the files with itunes. Why? any ideas?

  28. Dhruv January 3, 2010 Reply

    Step 6- When i ran bootneuter to unlock phone its keep showing please wait determining current settings screen

    Please help

  29. irshu December 30, 2009 Reply

    hi im in uae
    recently i updated my iphone 3g to 3.12 from 3.0 with itunes(not custom ispw)then i jailbrok with blackra1n but after dis its showing no srvice , i can see blackra1n on springboard but its showing network is not availiable (error)but i can stiil use wifi on othe application (safari …..)

    pls hlp me


  30. pedro December 29, 2009 Reply

    very thanks for you help me, this tutorial is very good my iphone is unlock and working very good thanks my friend
    (muchas gracias por tu ayuda en verdad llevava horas tratando de desbloquear mi iphone y con este tutorial fue que pude muchas gracias)

  31. LHINSA December 28, 2009 Reply

    Hi Guys, I unlock both my iPhones, and they both work, the only thing
    little problems i have is

    1. picks up the wifi but does not display it.
    2. cannot enter Cydia & Rock.
    3. cannot enter the note app.
    I maanges to figure out how to get the wifi to work, go into you r wifi settings and make sure that it set to maual and not auto. works fine.
    can some please help me with the Cydia & Rock Problems & note app?

    Happy Holidays guys

    Geohot, your software rock, the easiest ever.. thanks dude

  32. Kumaran December 28, 2009 Reply

    On my iPhone 2, I didn’t have to do step 6 onwards…BlackRa1n rocks!!!!

  33. didder December 25, 2009 Reply

    I just got an iphone 3g version 2.2(5g77) carrier o2 2.9 firmware 02.28.00 I have been told to use blackra1n to jailbreak for thrid party apps and then maybe unlock it later. I dont know the first thing to do. Do I upgrade the firmware do I use the firmware I have Do I keep sim card in and is blackra1n 100% safe to use or will it harm my iphone thanks for any help I get.

  34. Ali Abdullah December 19, 2009 Reply

    i receantly upgraded and jailbreak my 2G 4GB iphone to 3.1.2 with blackra1n. now phone is unloked but i did not see a blakra1n drop icon at anywhere on screen. i checked all the pages. did i do something wrong? pls tell me what should i do so that i can download cydia from Blackra1n. thank you for ur time

  35. Anwarwali December 18, 2009 Reply

    George Hotz kindly note :

    For the last one and half month I have used blackra1n to jailbreak and unlock my 2g 3.1.2. But suddenly yesterday when I restored and redo everything. Blacra1n doesn’t seems to work. I get the message “Please check your Internet Connection” which is not allowing to display Cydia or Rock Apps for download. I can use Apple Store without any problem.

    I think the link for “Blackra1n” is blocked by the operator (UAE) in conjuction with the Apple.

    Please need solution to use the benefits of Jailbreak again…..Need Help

  36. Boyband December 17, 2009 Reply

    It works fine for me……….. the simplest unlocking procedure

  37. Kristin December 17, 2009 Reply

    Please help…I am trying to unlock my 2g iphone and I currently have no service with at&t-therefore no internet access. To make matters more difficult, I am in Italy and am trying to unlock my phone and use a vodaphone sim. I have installed Blackrain but because I have no service, I cannot get online through my iphone to add the bootneuter app. Any help by a master techie would be soooo appreciated!!!

  38. Jason December 17, 2009 Reply

    I went through the whole process and everything was fine. Even the “flash” was successful but right after that I got the “Please wait…determining current settings…” its stuck here.

    What to do??

  39. Sune December 11, 2009 Reply

    Good effort,
    but a bit risky that one cannot reboot the iPhone without having access to a computer running blackra1n – I’m about to travel and if I for some reason need to restart the phone, I will be out of order 🙁 🙁 🙁

  40. MadMax December 6, 2009 Reply

    Oh I’m pretty sure now that it is unlocked I only need your official say about if it really is when I said the things above…
    That’s because when I enter boot Neuter it said it flashed and everything works fine… Please let me know ASAP so I’ll be sure if I can buy a SIM card for the iPhone and start a contract for it for my iPhone cause I don’t have one..:)

  41. MadMax December 6, 2009 Reply

    Hi Maddy,
    How can I be sure if my iPhone is unlocked..?
    The modem firmware still states – 04.05.04_G and there is ICCID with blank space on the right that appeared..?
    also when I try to do the process again it gets stuck sometimes before I get to press flash and I have to reboot the device..am I doing something wrong here??
    Please leave some contact details – Skype, or Email…I’ll be very much grateful..

  42. Maddy December 4, 2009 Reply

    Hi, I upgraded my iphone2g to 3.1.2 and jailbroke and unlocked it using blackra1n using the above tutorials. It worked real fine. I just want to share few points for the blackra1n users and this might answer some of the qns posed in the comments.
    1. My iphone didnot hv any SIM card while I updated it to 3.1.2 using itunes 9.2. i am not sure if this will make any differnece at all but I just wanted to let you guys know.
    2. Till jailbreak, I follwed the same steps as above. Before installing Boot Neuter, set AutoLock to “Never” in your iphone.
    3. When I flashed the Boot Neuter, the screen hung with “Please wait…. Determining current settings…” message. At this moment, I noticed that my Wifi option was disabled. So I clicked on “Reset Network Settings” in Settings>General>Reset. That is all, my iphone detected my local non ATT SIM card. ANd its working fine.

    Hope this helps.

    Thanks GeoHot for blackra1n and various blogs including ihackintosh (needless to say) 🙂

  43. HT December 3, 2009 Reply


    It really works for my iphone 2G. After Flash with BootNeuter, if it hang at determine current setting then just quit by pressing the home button and then power off your iphone. Then On it back again and you will get an unlock phone.

    Thanks to the owner of this website as well as the developer.
    I will donate.


  44. Pieter Joubert in South africa December 3, 2009 Reply

    I have a iPhone 2g, I am just afraid it wont work with Cell C, one of our networks in South Africa. Is it safe to try?

  45. Alex December 2, 2009 Reply

    iPhone 2G 3.1.2 here. I tried the blackra1n jailbreak after a previous (successful) jailbreak with Pwnage Tool 3.1.4 (which loads Bootneuter automatically after jailbreaking), but had irregularities with WiFi. These irregularities being:

    About 20% of the time it would connect and keep connected flawlessly, however the other 80% it would be in all possible states of ‘not working’ from the WiFi ‘greyed out’ problem (only occurred once though) to it recognizing all wireless routers in the vicinity but was unable to connect to any of them, be it WPA2 protected or open connection. Sometimes it would connect for a few seconds, but disconnect before you are even able to open any other application, and other times it wouldn’t find any wifi connections at all.

    Now with using blackra1n, I still have the Bootneuter unlock, and the jailbreak went flawlessly and quickly. So I do have my phone capabilities, due to the previous Bootneuter unlock, but my WiFi still has exactly the same problem. I’m beginning to think it might have something to do with my baseband, which is currently still at 04_05_04, although I thought it should have been upgraded to 05_11_07 with my last jailbreak to blackra1n with 3.1.2 firmware. Or am I wrong?

    Does anyone else think my current baseband might be the problem? I’ve pretty much ruled out a hardware problem, since WiFi worked flawlessly for a full two days in a row when first jailbreaked with Pwnage Tool 3.0, and also because it still regularly picks up signals, but just can’t connect to them.
    If it is a baseband issue, how do I resolve/upgrade it?

    This is the first time I’ve jailbroken/unlocked an iPhone, so any info or thoughts on the WiFi issue are welcome. To others who do not have an issue with WiFi, I could maybe suggest using the method of jailbreaking I used before blackra1n if you’re really out of options, to get the Bootneuter to do its job. Afterwards you can still always jailbreak again with blackra1n and 3.1.2, like I did.
    I just hope my method/tools have been the cause of my WiFi issues!

    Any feedback is gladly appreciated, and I hope I could give some insight with my personal experience.

  46. jack November 30, 2009 Reply

    After reading all the problems with 3.1.2 and blackrain/bootneuter problems with 2G, I’m thinking the firmware 3.0 and redsnow is safer (as described by Solution!!! on 11/11/09).
    I’m getting my 2G iphone from ebay soon. Anyone knows how to check FW version without SIM card?
    Also is the unlocking doable without valid SIM? I’m hoping to use T-mobile one after unlock.

  47. Santos November 25, 2009 Reply

    So i have a 2g with 3.1.2. i jailbroke with blackra1n and then unlocked with bootneuter. I am stuck with a recognized t-mobile signal but can’t get past emergency call screen and it says Different Sim detected….please connect to iTunes.

    When this is done itunes replies with that the simcard inserted does not appear to be supported. Only compatible sim cards can be used to activate iPhone.

    What do i do now? In your answer please tell me if sim card is to be left in or not? do i put in an inactive att sim? I have searched many forums and haven’t gotten a clear answer. I have also repeated all steps many times. Even restore to original form and had to re-jailbreak.

    Please help. So far all advice up to this point has been great and appreciated.

  48. flowery November 25, 2009 Reply

    i followed all the steps and blackra1n said dat my jailbroken will be done once my device reboot.
    and it sayz “done, wait for reboot” but it won’t .

    do u hv any idea y dis happend?

  49. MadMax November 24, 2009 Reply

    Ya Dreamer07 – I hope someone will come up with a solution fast so we won’t have to stay stuck with the iPhone 2G w/out being able to use the Phone capabilities..:S

  50. Dreamer07 November 24, 2009 Reply

    I have the same problem as MadMax. Jailbreaking using blackra1n is ok but when unlocking using BootNueter is not working. Have exactly same problem as what MadMax encounter.

    I have to restore my iphone in itunes twice. I jailbroke it with blackra1n and will wait for solution to the BootNeuter problem.

  51. MadMax November 23, 2009 Reply

    Also, as I noticed now – NOTHING works – the ipod doesn’t work at all and sounds… that’s weird… please tell me what to do??? Can I uninstall this through cydia meanwhile and everything will get back to where it was before using this BootNeuter??

  52. MadMax November 23, 2009 Reply

    I installed BootNeuter after doing all the above steps( blackra1n jailbreak etc.) while not having a SIM card inside my iPhone 2G.
    Was this wrong or was I doing anything wrong? because now I can’t access WIFI and it says “searching…” in the carrier space all the time. another thing – when I enter BootNeuter it says please wait Determining current settings and it won’t end.
    PLEASE I need help as soon as possible because I want to connect my device through a carrier and use it as my Cellphone.

  53. Link November 23, 2009 Reply

    iPhone 2G 3.0 using Mac OsX
    download Blackra1n
    update iTunes to 3.1.2 & download carrier update
    sync 3.1.2
    run Blackra1n
    setup bootneuter
    Am I missing any steps?
    Thank you!

  54. runal November 23, 2009 Reply

    i unlocked my 2G to firmware 3.1.2, but its not allowing me to use wifi connection on it and hence cannot proceed to wifi related steps of blackra1n. My 3Gs is working fine on the same wifi connection. but 2g inspite of getting connected to wifi is unable to access internet on it

  55. mica November 20, 2009 Reply

    My 2g iphone is jailbroken with 3.1.2(7D11)blackra1n last afternoon. Modem firmware is 04.05.04_G, i cannot unlock the phone,(NO sim service) i use a Swisscom mobile sim card I get a alert sim card isnt supported, i`ve alreday jailbroken & restored twice & i do not have wifi at home but i went to a restaurant close by where wifi was free, still when i click on blackra1n icon says please check your internet connection.(err… any solution guys, please… help

  56. someone November 20, 2009 Reply

    Bernard, i had the same problem. just look at the bottom of the screen. there is an eyeglass, the search icon. run cydia, and then when you are at the main page, just click on that icon and then type bootneuter. it will show the package that way. it is basicaly a search on the database of programs from cydia. good luck

  57. ahmed November 18, 2009 Reply

    hi can any 1 help me plz my iphone 3g is in restor mode n when iam trying to restore it, its not getting restore n showing the error 28 even i have tried in different systems but the problem is same so plz kindly show me the way to get ride of this problem

  58. Bernard November 18, 2009 Reply


    I installed and opened cydia but I cannot find bootneuter.
    Can anybody help me


  59. Darknight November 17, 2009 Reply

    @ Ted Heat @tazmainyen@ fernando…Hi guys….pls read the “SOLUTION!!!!” txt from the 11th Nov….it realy works….

  60. Ted Heet November 14, 2009 Reply


    I have an I phone 3G and I have a bit of a problem.

    It’s running 3.1.2, updated today.

    I go through the blackra1n process of jailbreaking, and everything seems to be fine. I have i tunes open in the background while doing this.

    The problem, is when I open up cydia, the phone starts flickering between cydia and an apple icon with a loading bar. If the phone sits idle, the apple icon and loading bar is there, and it loads to about 95%, then stops. I hit the home screen, and it just continues flickering. The only way to get rid of it is power cycling the phone.

    Any suggestions or anyone know if they’ve seen this before?


  61. erdi November 14, 2009 Reply

    mine is jailbroken iphone 2g 3.1.2 with blackra1n,but the base band still 04.05.04_G, i still cannot to unlock it, i tried used t-mobile sim card.its said that sim card isnt supported, any suggestion guys,please…

  62. mario November 14, 2009 Reply

    Hi .. i have a 2g and want to go to the 3.1.2. but when i update in itunes will he update to 5.11.07. ans is this one good for bootneuter to unlock


  63. max November 14, 2009 Reply

    worked like a charm. Thanks a bunch!!

  64. tazmainyen November 13, 2009 Reply

    same thing happened to me as jules

    I must be doing something wrong. I have an iPhone 2g with firmware 3.1.2 on it. Not sure of the baseband cause everytime I hook it up to iTunes, it asks me to activate it (btw, I got the phone from my friend) I have tried to downrev the firmware but I get an Error 20 each time. I tried to unlock it using the above procedure but after it reboots, it comes back to the “slide for Emergency” screen and on my PC I am still left with the greyed out “done,wait for reboot” screen from blackra1n. What am I doing wrong??

    same thing and i am realy hope some 1 answer cuz now my iphone 2g is sitting without being used 🙁 plz help

  65. fernando November 12, 2009 Reply

    I tried to unlock my new 3gs 5.11.07.
    I installed and run black rain successfully but I never get the pic of geo, and my phone never reboots. It stays with the pic uf a usb cable connected to itunes all the time.
    What can I do?? Please I need help!

  66. ziggy November 12, 2009 Reply

    Please comment if 3.1.2 actually fixes any problems with 3.0.

  67. Aloosh November 11, 2009 Reply

    Hi I have a (Q) is it safe??would it “hactivate”?????! Please answar

  68. Mustaq November 11, 2009 Reply

    hurrayyyyyyyyyy worked like a wonder for me. THX for the EXPERT guide and it works fine

  69. Jlrcantu November 11, 2009 Reply

    i have an iphone 2g and have read alot of forums about upgrading and unlocking the iphone 3.1.2

    but i see a mix of responses. some say it works and some say it dont. i would like to upgrade but would like to know if i can downgrade back to 3.0 if it dont work ?

  70. SOLUTION!!! November 11, 2009 Reply

    I found a solution. I did everything with the 2g 3.1.2 firmware to unlock it but the bootneuter didnt work. SO:

    Plug into computer and do a DFU restore (refer to google on how)

    In itunes w/ phone connected hit SHIFT (KEY ON KEYBOARD) + RESTORE, and select the 3.0 .ispw (FIND it on google somewhere)

    Then run REDSNOW 0.7.2 for WIN or MAC

    Continue as instructed. Make sure you hit CYDIA and UNLOCK, not ICY.

    Once redsnow is done. After reboot. I just put in a TMOBILE sim card and i got service no problems, works perfectly!!!!!!!!!!

  71. JP_004 November 11, 2009 Reply

    OK sooo, I have an iPhone 2g, everything worked great until I opened bootneuter and it’s stuck on “Please wait…. Determining current settings…” what did I do =[ and also when I plug it into iTunes is says that the phone is still in recovery mode…. but if I fix that with itunes then everything will go away…???

  72. JP_004 November 11, 2009 Reply

    When I get blackra1n on my phone there is cydia, rock and sn0w. I have an iphone 2g 3.1.2 and BB 5.11.07 should I install it?

  73. sridhar November 11, 2009 Reply

    Excellent….i just jail broke my iphone 2G, so many crap info on the net but this setting really worked…cheers

  74. Sandy November 10, 2009 Reply

    I have an iPod Touch and I don’t have Wi-Fi. Is there any way to install Cydia without Wi-Fi?

  75. NeedingHelp November 9, 2009 Reply

    OK, I deleted the Blackra1n icon because everything was working fine including the wi-fi. However, how do I get the icon back so that I can re-install snow again? Is there a way of getting the icon back?

  76. ziggy November 8, 2009 Reply

    I posted a question a few days ago about procedure, why was it deleted?

    Anyway, can anyone confirm it improves anything over 3.0? For example, my apps/menus often take 8 seconds to open. Better? Wifi reception and password retention better? Battery life better?

  77. WEBBiE November 7, 2009 Reply

    I followed every step a few times everything seems good but when i insert the t-mobile sim card it says “Different SIM detected Please connect to iTunes”? But it does show the carrier as t-mobile.. any help please?


  78. RIALYSTIK November 7, 2009 Reply

    Yes, Before you do any of the above, open up iTunes and download and install the latest 3.1.2 version. After this, your phone will be back to factory settings. Next, open up Blackra1n and run it and follow above process. I have a 2g iphone and had it unlocked and jailbroken with 3.1. I downloaded and installed the latest version 3.1.2 and followed the above steps and I have successfully unlocked and jailbroken my 2g. Not to be on this guy geohots nuts or anything, but this guy is a genius! I have been unlocking my iphone since way back when and this is by FAR that EASIEST and FASTEST unlock and jailbreak ever! If you have any questions, I’d more than happy to assist.

  79. Gustaqvo November 5, 2009 Reply

    I have a iPhone 2G with firmware 3.0.0. Is it guaranteed that I’ll have my iPhone working and unlocked after this procedure? Including the upgrade with iTunes?

  80. James in South Africa November 5, 2009 Reply

    Worked like a bomb for me. I did a SHIFT+Update in iTunes to choose the 3.1.2 IPSW from my hard drive and was pleasantly surprised to note that the firmware upgraded without wiping my phone clean AND without upgrading my baseband! Way to go Geohot!!

  81. USMC7372 November 5, 2009 Reply

    Should I upgrade to the 3.1.2 OS via iTunes before starting this process? Should I use default ispw file iTunes gives me or do you recommend a specific one?
    Thanks Guys!!!

    • Vinay November 5, 2009 Reply

      @USMC7372 Yes update to 3.1.2 first then blackra1n

  82. Jules November 5, 2009 Reply

    I must be doing something wrong. I have an iPhone 2g with firmware 3.1.2 on it. Not sure of the baseband cause everytime I hook it up to iTunes, it asks me to activate it (btw, I got the phone from my friend) I have tried to downrev the firmware but I get an Error 20 each time. I tried to unlock it using the above procedure but after it reboots, it comes back to the “slide for Emergency” screen and on my PC I am still left with the greyed out “done,wait for reboot” screen from blackra1n. What am I doing wrong??

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