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iClassic : iPod Classic Emulator for the iPhone and iPod touch


Emilio Pelaez (coding) and Christian Baroni (graphics) two developers showcased the iClassic an iPod classic emulator for iPhone and iPod touch. The first release won’t play videos either. It will be added if Dev find a way for videos to play on a certain area of the screen instead of full screen. The app can browse the entire music library just like the good old iPods. A fully functional iPod Classic emulator, iClassic will be submitted to the App Store and Cydia Store within the next two week. Chances of Apple approval are very very less so we can expect a Cydia release with in two weeks. iClassic app is priced @ $1.99

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  1. Ching April 19, 2010 Reply

    Cool..definitely a must buy..

    By any chance is there anyone who has experience in developing similar apps for iphones??

    Needs help badly on it..Please and thx:)

  2. Sean December 3, 2009 Reply


    They said it currently cannot play the games from the iPod Classic. It just emulates the Player of the iPod Classic.

  3. TheDarkMaster November 29, 2009 Reply

    Wow, so this is an IPod classic Emulator? This means, of course, I can play games for IPod classic with it, like Song Summoner fro Square Enix, right?

  4. Christian Baroni November 28, 2009 Reply

    iClassic will be on the Cydia Store soon, hopefully within 2 days. Please RT! http://bit.ly/8sJDWy

  5. comatoast November 22, 2009 Reply

    wow. i’ve wanted an app like this for a couple months now. they’ve got my money once its released!!! Doubt the Apple app store will approve it but luckily i can access Cydia store, good luck guys!

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