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Dashboard for the iPhone a New Concept Video


Ocean Observation carrying on their legacy with another “What if iPhone had”, this time OO surprised us with a new video on the concept implementation of the Dashboard for the iPhone. Ocean Observation already showcased the concept for the Exposé and multitasking. The Expose concept was picked up by Steven Troughton-Smith and he turned the Ocean Observations Expose for iPhone in to reality check here about Orbit. Now the Swedish design firm Ocean Observations has created a concept video to show What if iPhone had Dashboard. In this concept we can look at how widgets could make their way to the iPhone. Today, you bounce in and out of applications. We wanted to explore if a widget layer in the form of Dashboard perhaps could speed up the workflow, at least for simple tasks.

iphonedashboard Dashboard could even be activated on the lock screen using the same gesture. However, if you have a password protected phone, this feature would be disabled to prevent unauthorized access. Widgets should be connected to their app counter part. So a widget such as stickies should be connected to the Notes app. If you make sticky note, it would be visible in the Notes app as well.In the case of the a widget where you need to enter text, the keyboard would slide up and the widget would be positioned above it.

The default setup of widgets could be the following: Calculator, Calendar, Clock, Converter, iTunes, Stickies, Stocks, Timer, Weather and Web Clip. In addition to that you would be able to download third party widgets from the App Store.


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