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usbmuxd : Enable Full Sync of iPhone iPod Touch on Linux


Marcan42 developer/hacker through an article on his blog, has revealed a project usbmuxd. This project is likely to be more desired by the Linux community. usbmuxd is basically an iPhone/iTouch usb comm daemon for Linux. usbmuxd stands for "USB multiplexing daemon".  To the user/developer what it actually does is to proxy requests over a USB cable on directly to a listening TCP port on the iPhone. Through the union of software specifically engineered, in fact, everyone can synchronize your Apple software that simulated using various features built into iTunes, currently only available for Mac and Windows.


Marcan also detailed about his model,

  • libusb-1.0 provides an advanced API to access USB devices under Linux, replacing the old libusb-0.1 API
  • usbmuxd coordinates application access to the device and talks the specific iPhone/iTouch USB protocol
  • libiphone implements the Apple-specific protocols that are tunneled through usbmuxd: it can launch services through lockdown, retrieve device info, send notifications, and access the filesystem via AFC.
  • iFuse and gvfs-backend-afc both provide access to AFC to regular Linux apps. iFuse does this by mounting via FUSE, while gvfs-backend-afc is obviously a backend for gVFS.
  • libgpod (the library that traditionally has managed music databases for iPods) is being extended to support the new SQLite format, the new hash, and also to talk to libiphone to properly put the device in to and out of sync mode.
  • Theoretically, actual music players such as Amarok and Rhythmbox will need none or very few modifications to work.

The developer also asked for interested persons to join and contribute to the project. For more information about it you can read the article on the official blog.


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