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iPhone 4G / iTablet Sim Tray Spotted in the Wild Web


Apple iTablet rumor is floating on blogsphere. It is rumored that Apple may launch or announce a Tablet PC with multi touch screen very similar to iPhone very soon. Recently Chinese Parts Supplier China on Trade Claims to Offer ‘iPhone 4Gen’ or ‘iTablet’ SIM Card Tray. According to China on Trade they have original Apple iTablet / iPhone 4 Generation (Probably iTablet) SIM Tray OEM. This part came from Foxconn to their warehouse recently.

Could this be the first rumors of the 2010 iPhone 4G! If not, could it be for the iTablet?


It’s not the first time when China on Trade created such a buzz, on 27th of May China on Trade posted and claim to supply parts from the unreleased (that time) iPhone 3G 2009. They posted screenshots of LCD screen and the middle internal bezel. which actually turned out to apparently be from the Creative Zii Egg. So we can’t say anything assuredly for such claims. But this tray seems to be meant for an Apple product.


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