Jailbreak your iPhone

Firewall for iPhone and iPod Touch | Yes We aren’t Joking


If you remembered 2 months ago we detailed the Privacy an app by Saurik, if you missed that time then check here Your iPhone is Spying on You, Mine is not. This all happened when i-phone-home found and published that iPhone app Analytics is a service for iPhone app developers offered by Pinch Media, Mobclix, Medialets and Flurry that generates detailed statistics about the user of their app. Now i-phone-home creates another buzz by posting the first sneak preview of the very first firewall for iPhone. This is the first and one of a kind project for iPhone and iPod Touch, that alerts whenever a AppStore application requires usage, hidden, so our connection or access to our data (heading, UDID etc).

The application will work in two parts: the first will exploit the MobileSubstrate, remaining active but while still providing a good general, speed remaining within the limits of the RAM memory usage. Every time that we will be launching an application will appear an information menu and we will discover what you are trying to access.  When using a network-enabled application a prompt will be displayed giving you control over what hosts the application can connect to. As you can see the options are self explanatory:



– Allow once

– Deny once

– Always allow!

– Always deny!

– Allow all for this App

– Deny all for this App



The second part of the application, we can access through the dedicated icon and will be useful to amend and/or delete rules set to certain applications. Once you have selected an application, you will be able to drill down and configure the individual allow or deny rules.

We’ll continue to update you all with more details when they are available (such as availability, etc) till then stick with us on Twitter @ihackinjosh or subscribe our free daily e-mail newsletter CLICK HERE to keep yourself updated on every news about iPhone.


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