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Expose For iPhone : It’s not a Concept it’s Real


Steven Troughton-Smith infamous creator of Stack turned the Ocean Observations Expose for iPhone in to reality. Exposé is a feature of the Apple Mac OS X operating system. Expose allows a user to quickly locate an open window, or to hide all windows and show the desktop without the need to click through many windows to find a specific target. Last week Swedish design firm Ocean Observations has created a concept video to show how expose might function on the iPhone. And today Steven showcased a working model of Expose for iPhone you can check the video below.

This is not the final UI the, Steven is working on new feature and UI for the expose. We will let you know once it becomes available. Steven is the hacker behind the Stack for iPhone app, Stack is one of the oldest and most popular additions to your iPhone or iPod touch that adds a quick-launch menu to your Dock, giving rapid access to your favorite applications. Stack V3 is also about to release very soon.


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