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Update on iPhone 3GS OS 3.1 Jailbreak Unlock


How to jailbreak iPhone 3GS Firmware 3.1, Where to download Redsn0w for jailbreak 3GS firmware 3.1, I am on OS 3.0 but didn’t saved my SHSH what should i do now, I updated my iPhone 3GS to OS 3.1 how can i jailbreak, I have saved my SHSH  to Cydia and i downgraded back to 3.0 but Ultrasn0w isn’t working for me, My iPhone 3GS is stucked on Apple boot logo, Okay these are the previews of comments and mails i am getting these days. It seems many peoples updated their iPhone 3GS  to firmware 3.1 and now their unofficially locked (ultrasn0wed) iPhone 3GS aren’t working anymore. So i decided to write a post on the current status of iPhone 3GS OS 3.1 Jailbreak Unlock and you. Read the whole page i am sure your any doubt regarding iPhone 3GS will be solved here.

Jailbreak iPhone 3GS : We know you are eagerly waiting for jailbreaking your iPhone 3GS with Firmware 3.1, last time Dev team released Pwnage tool for iPhone 2G, 3G and iPod touch 1G for 3.1 Firmware. Apple patched most of the holes that allowed the execution of Redsn0w and Purplera1n, but that doesn’t means Apple wins the Cat and Mouse game. ChronicDev (unofficial iPhone Dev team) has found a new exploit but will require additional time before being completed and released in the form of semi-automatic program. Now we have to wait and see who releases 3GS jailbreak first iPhone Dev team(Redsn0w) or ChronicDev (Purplera1n).

What is ECID, SHSH : Apple introduced new hardware and software security with iPhone 3GS, the biggest security is ECID, ECID is a unique chip ID and will be different for every iPhone. When iTunes starts the restore process, iTunes contact Apple servers to generate signatures just for your device. Saurik detailed the process in his words “ For any techno-geeks out there: Apple sends an XML “plist” formatted Property List to the server including base64 digests of hashes of parts of the file, as well as the chip/board identifiers that determine what kind of device it is, and finally the per-device ECID: the server then returns a plist of signatures. “

Thankfully Saurik already hacked this security for those who saved their SHSH earlier to 3.0,The process is very simple all you have to do is to add Saurik’s Server address to your system hosts file. This trick make iTunes thinks it is talking to Apple, it is talking to Cydia instead while the restoring process. Doing this will allow iTunes to access signatures already stored by Cydia’s “on file” feature.

Q & A for iPhone 3GS Jailbreaking Unlocking :

  • I Saved the ECID signature on 3.0.1 : you can always go back, restore the same firmware and run the jailbreak on this
  • I Didn’t Saved the ECID signature on 3.0.1 : You must remain with the 3.0.1 update without until it is released on the 3.1 Jailbreak
  • I updated to 3.1 but has saved the ECID via Cydia : You can go back to 3.0 and run the Jailbreak any time. To downgrade follow our guide for Downgrading iPhone 3GS from 3.1 to 3.0 with Cydia SHSH. However you aren’t eligible for Ultrasn0w anymore because your baseband is updated..
  • I updated to 3.1 but didn’t saved the ECID via Cydia : Sorry to say but you can not do anything without Jailbreak and must remain locked until the release of the new tool with the exploits of Chronic Dev Team.

We don’t have any Timeline on any new tool for Jailbreaking firmware 3.1 on iPhone 3GS, it may be available sooner or later so keep checking this space daily. You can also follow us on twitter or subscribe our free daily e-mail newsletter and keep yourself updated with the latest of iPhone community.


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  1. Rosse October 7, 2009 Reply

    i got a new iphone3gs 3.0 firmware, hook up to my computer and automatically upgraded to 3.1 firmware by the itune, can anyone help me to jailbreak and unclock? at this point, i’m totally lost.

  2. Garrett October 2, 2009 Reply

    greenpois0n will work the for the 3GS via twitter

    @chronicdevteam will this work on the ip 3GS using 3.1 also?

    @theflyingfoote yes

  3. Jim October 2, 2009 Reply

    Awesome. I’ve only had my 3GS a little over a week (and it came with 3.1), so I’m gonna have to wait for the new tool. I came from a jailbroken 2G Touch, and the thing I miss the most is RotationInhibitor. I can’t play Bookworm laying down without it!

  4. Samonac October 1, 2009 Reply

    Thanks a lot for this simple yet very clear post!

    Unfortunately, I’m part of the “I updated to 3.1 but didn’t saved the ECID via Cydia” people, and so I’ll have to wait for the Jailbreak to be done.

    Not to be an annoying kid, nor an ungrateful brat, but can anyone tell me how much time Dev Team or ChronicTeam will need to finish this particuliar Jailbreaking?
    I highly respect them for their work (I’ve been trying to donate too, anybody knows where to go?), but with my 3.1 Iphone, I can’t access the Internet anymore, (strange really) and it’s starting to annoy me…

    I’ll try to exchange it at an Orange Shop… See if they have any 3.0.1 left…

    Again, thanks for the hard work!

  5. Aaron October 1, 2009 Reply

    Thanks very much for the excellent post

  6. Phenomma September 30, 2009 Reply

    Any news on the iPhone 3gS 3.1 (non previous 3.0) phones?
    I heard something about an update to 3.1.1 by the 25th… nothing out yet.

    I may just return my phone and get a 3g, jailbreak it, update to 3.1 and keep it that way…
    Because i recently bought this latest edition. And I don’t have much time before I decided . . .

  7. iPhonemod September 28, 2009 Reply

    The phrase “Now we have to wait and see who releases 3GS jailbreak first iPhone Dev team(Redsn0w) or ChronicDev (Purplera1n).”

    I got a question sir.
    Purplera1n i know that it’s created by Geohot (Supporter of Chronic Dev Team) but i hear about “Greenpois0n” that they said that this tool is product of Chronic Dev Team.

    So i’m not sure about which one that Chronic dev team will be release Purplera1n or Greenpois0n.

    • Vinay September 29, 2009 Reply

      @ iPhonemod So far Greenpo1son is for ipt3G only but who know if Chronic team will add surprise for 3GS users at last moment..

  8. Jaime September 28, 2009 Reply

    Very nice post thanks
    ill be waiting for news

  9. Apple Distrust September 27, 2009 Reply

    Atleast I know for a fact now that Apples iphone updates are there to take control of your device and not let you use it the way you would enjoy it..I have learnt it the hard way not to trust any of Apples/ATT iphone updates; couldn’t care less if my device is not updated.
    Will not update any of the future updates ever again with-out the blog pundits reviews/suggestions.

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