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MMS and Tethering Hack on OS 3.1 Blocked by Apple


If you are using MMS and Tethering hack on OS 3.0 and want the same functionality on OS 3.1 after jailbreaking then stay away with OS 3.0 and enjoy MMS and Tethering. If you updates to 3.1, then note you’ll not be able to use these functions right now. DarkApples are working on MMS and Tethering hack for 3.1 and in their latest post they explained how Apple blocked these functions. According to DarkApples, in the OS 3.1 settings of the appointing authority made its appearance a signature field, through which the iPhone ensures that the appointing authority in the bundle are authorized.

MMS on iPhone

We see the implications of this discovery:

  • The automatic support for tethering and MMS for operator partners (good) with the appointing authority from their set (no good)
  • the inability to change the APN and its type-mask (no good) unless we succeed in creating a valid signature (no good)
  • the inability to activate tethering and MMS for non-partner (no good)



In practice, any attempt to insert a signature without changing the APN carrier.plist bundle or load a file by the appointing authority. Mobileconfig created with the iPhone Config Utility is absolutely useless, if not harmful in the former, the iPhone will refuse to connect in the second case the configuration files are simply ignored.

Biempi of DarkApples is working on a reverse engineering to remove the protection imposed by Apple but the process will not be easy. Any new update you will be notified here, so keep hanging with us on twitter or subscribe our free daily e-mail newsletter and keep yourself updated with the latest of iPhone community.


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