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How to Convert Snow Leopard Retail Disk to .DMG


Apple released Snow Leopard Retail Disk last week and i hope most of you secured your copy. Recently an iHackintosh fan mailed me and asked me that he has a MacBook Air and his external DVD Drive is damaged. Some of you may facing a corrupted Drive on their MacBook etc. etc. So you will not be able to install the latest Snow Kitty on your Machine. He asked me for any way if he can convert the retail disk in to .DMG (Disk Image) and here is the easy to follow steps to convert Snow Leopard Retail Disk to .DMG with Disk Utility.

Requirements :

  1. A Working OS X Leopard With a DVD Drive.
  2. A retail Snow Leopard Disk.
  3. A memory Stick 8GB minimum.

Step 1). Install Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard Disc in your Leopard.

Picture 1
Step 2). Launch Disk Utility
Step 3). Select the Snow Leopard DVD within Disk Utility

Step 4). Click the “New Image” button at the top

Picture 2 Step 5). Name the image and put it somewhere you can find it easily (Desktop)

Picture 3 Step 6). Click OK and wait for the image to be created

Picture 4

That’s it, once Disk Utility finishes it’s task your new .DMG file will be available on your desktop. Now you can transfer it to your MacBook Air with USB Drive.

Picture 5


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  1. vania September 23, 2009 Reply

    Hi there,

    Thanks for the info! It was great help.

    I’m a bit confused (for a girl who knows nothing about computers), but tried to use a spare external harddisk. will it work?

    had a look at this guy’s method as well:



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