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Guide to Migrate Data From Windows XP to Windows 7


If you are upgrading your Windows XP to Windows 7 and caring about files and settings stored in your existing XP installation, follow this step by step guide to migrate data from Windows XP to Windows 7. In the following procedure we used Windows easy transfer wizard which was introduced with Windows Vista, which helps users to move files and settings stored on their computers running Windows XP or Windows Vista, to a new computer running Windows 7. It succeeded the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard included in Windows XP.

If you don’t have an External Hard Disk then take a look at another procedure Migrate Data Windows XP to Windows 7 using USMT

Windows Easy Transfer can transfer :

  • Files and folders including photos, music, videos, documents, email messages and contacts.
  • User accounts and user account settings.
  • Application configuration data files and settings.
  • Several Windows configuration settings stored in the registry.

The program does not support transferring entire applications themselves and system files such as fonts and drivers.


Phase One


  • Boot in to Windows XP and Insert Windows 7 DVD in your Optical Drive
  • Navigate to Support folder and open migwiz (migration wizard) folder
  • Launch the migwiz.exe
  • This will open Windows easy Transfer window which will initiate the process of File transfer.


  • Next it will ask you the media you wish to use to transfer your settings.


  • Further it will ask weather this is the New computer (in which you wish to copy the
    settings) or the old computer (from you wish to copy the settings) select old computer.
  • Wizard will now start scanning system for your files.
  • Once scanning is complete it will provide the list of files in your system for all users and
    allows you to select which you wish to copy.


  • Then it will ask you to provide a password for the data file. This is for data security.
  • Once it’s done you are almost over with first process now on the Save button and locate
    USB drive or Network location for saving Windows Easy Transfer files.


Phase Two


  • Now do a standard clean installation of Windows 7 on your system.
  • Once your Windows 7 Installation is complete. Boot into your Windows 7.
  • Navigate to Start> All Programs>Accessories>System Tools, and then click on Windows
    Easy Transfer.


  • This will open the Windows Easy transfer window and will ask you to select the media
    you wish to use (USB, Network or transfer cable)
  • Now it will ask you to select weather it’s your new or old computer.
  • Select this is my new computer.


  • Now it will ask you to browse the file which you created while copying data from old computer. In this case we will find it in the pen drive /External hard drive/ Network Location.
  • Click Transfer to transfer all files and settings. You can also determine which files should be migrated by selecting only the user profiles you want to transfer, or by clicking Customize.
  • Once it’s done you are good to go. Click on close and windows easy transfer has successfully moved your Settings from Previous Computer.

Note – All Applications and programs needs to be reinstalled as easy transfer wizard only copies your Settings and files.


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  1. Manuj Mohla September 2, 2009 Reply

    you can save data without any external hard drive or network using USMT ill put a guide on the same shortly stay tuned

  2. neeraj September 2, 2009 Reply

    Hi is there a way to back up data without external Hard Drive or pen Drive

    • Vinay September 2, 2009 Reply

      @ neeraj Yes you can save data on a shared networked computer also.

  3. Ravi September 2, 2009 Reply

    Great tool

    I was trying to install windows 7 last month and i only had one partition in my laptop and when i was trying to install i came to know that it cannot be upgraded and i stopped immeadiately as i dnt want to loose my data i think this will be a great help. Thanks to u guys

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