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Download Kexts for Snow Leopard 32/64 Bits


kext Recently we published guides for installing Snow leopard on your Intel and AMD PC, if you missed that guides then take a look at How to Install Snow Leopard (10A432) on PC Hackintosh and Install Snow Leopard 10.6 on AMD PC Hackintosh. These guides works with most of hardware with the included kexts though you may need to add another kext according to your requirements. Here we collected a comprehensive list of some kext  with their brief description. You can experiment your installation with following kext according to your hardware. You can add these kexts in /Snow/Extra/Extensions for more noobz guide about kext check our previous posts What is kext,Where is kext, how to Install kext. and How to Back up & Restore Your Kexts Before OSX86 Upgrades. The following kext are collected and downloaded from DarwinX86

  • AHCIPortinjector: Add the name of the chipset (ICH9, ICH9R, etc.) when the AHCI controller is used.
  • ApplePS2Controller: Enables support for PS2 peripherals
  • AppleVIAATA: ATA Extension works with VIA chipsets
  • AppleIntelPIIATA: ATA Extension works with Intel chipsets NEW
  • AttansicL1eEthernet: Suport Attansic ethernet controller L1e
  • Disable: Disables the only kext AppleUpstreamUserClient.kext responsible “mouse lag” in
    the use of QuickTime and iTunes with Nvidia 8xxx
  • fakesmc: emulation of the chip smc. replaces Appledecrypt and dsmos.
  • HDAEnabler: Inject the input / output audio information system is used when a Legacy plist “audio or
    AppleHDA changed.
  • Intel82566MM: Driver for Intel 82566MM controller
  • IOACHIBlockStorageInjector: Sets the orange icons problem when using AHCI Controller
  • JMicronATA: Allows the JMicron chip is to function with more than 4GB of ram.
  • LegacyJMB36xSATA: Allows the SATA controller JMB36X display info in System Profiler.
  • NullCPUPowerManagement: neutralizes the kext AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext
  • NVinject: Injector for Nvidia cards (64bit only)
  • OpenHaltRestart: re-active termination and reboot on many motherboards
  • PlatformUUID: Sets the error “UUID Error 35” by injecting a generic UUID to boot.
  • RealtekR1000: active sharing hello and AFP for the Realtek network controller
  • SKGE: adds functionality to certain network controllers Marvell
  • SleepEnabler: re-active the day when AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext is neutralized (see
  • UUID: Sets the error “UUID Error 35” by injecting a generic UUID to boot.
  • VoodooHDA + prefpane: universal sound driver
  • VoodooPS2Controller + prefpane: Enables support for peripheral PS

Download All these kexts : Download Here


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  1. napster March 22, 2011 Reply

    can sum1 help me sound drivers n vga for hp hp 6720?

  2. Alexandre January 20, 2011 Reply

    The link is broken…please reload

  3. cocolio May 6, 2010 Reply


    thanks, its a neat collection, but im lloking for drivers for my HP DV9033cl, almost anything works fine, but i cannot attach a second monitor via VGA port, or use the memory card reader, but the most important is the Intel WiFi 3945, i have been looking KEXTs for it since i bought this machine 3 years ago, do you know where can i find them? thanks again.

  4. sisiphus October 4, 2009 Reply

    thanks…but, you must update some links as they guide you toa google translate page amd gives me an java error.

  5. Yarar September 24, 2009 Reply

    Thanks for putting together all these files.

    Could somebody explain which one of these should be installed into /System/Library/Extensions folder, and which should be installed into /Extra/Extensions folder.

    Also, does it make a difference if I my /Extra/Extensions folder is on a partition used only for chameleon bootloader?


  6. Music September 21, 2009 Reply

    necessary files for install Snow on PC – applications, drivers,kexty bootloader ,dsdt etc for osx86 Snow leopard …

    I m make very often update files


    If you want to know about the cast of new files to use the RSS :


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