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Apple Released iWork ’09 9.0.3 and Updated iWork.com


Apple released an update to iWork’09, fixed several minor issues as well as general improvements in the official office suite for Mac OS X. Apple also updated the iWork.com to make it easy to share your work online with anyone you want. With the web-based, public beta service, you can share iWork ’09 files in a way that’s simple, smart, and secure. Detailed information on changes included in the update are available on Apple’s support page for the update. The download weighs in at 59.62 MB and requires OS X 10.4.11 or OS X 10.5.6 or later. Apple has also updated its iWork.com beta online collaborative document hosting service. The company is highlighting three changes deployed today as part of the revamp:

iworkcom-formaticons-200901061. Protect Your Shared Documents With Passwords

Safeguard your shared documents on iWork.com by using a password. To add a password to your document, select the ‘Privacy’ box in the Publish window. Enter a unique password for the document. You can even use the OS X Password Assistant to help create a strong password. Remember to send the password to the intended viewer.

2. Stay Up To Date With Your Viewer’s Comments

Viewers invited to an iWork.com document can provide feedback by leaving comments and document notes. Comments can be made on specific text in a Pages document, cells in a Numbers sheet, and on a Keynote slide. iWork.com lets you know when a viewer has left feedback by sending you an email notification every time a new comment or note is added. You can adjust how often you receive these notifications by selecting from options on your Shared Documents page. Choose from Immediate, Hourly, Daily or Never.

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