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Screenshots (not confirmed) Details of iTunes 9


iTunes 9 rumors grabbing attention on the possible introduction of all the most popular social network in your network. Sources says that iTunes 9 not only support the Blue ray but also adds Social media integration with last.fm, facebook and twitter. Tobiasbischofff posted some of rumored screenshots and details of upcoming iTunes 9. The rumored pictures are leaked by a Chinese forum website called WeiPhone.


  • Blu-Ray Disc Support: Sony’s HD disc format will now be supported by Apple. Once in iTunes 8 yes some hints found iTunes to be 9 in a position to Blu-Ray disc and play as it looks to be the first iMac computers with their respective drives come.
  • iPhone App Sorting: With more than 70,000 in AppStore Apps can easily be confusing if some of them loaded. According to the Apple developers now prescribed has keyword tags for your Apps to use these could be used to sort the new features in iTunes 9 to realize.
  • Social Media Integration: last.fm, facebook and twitter are supposedly the honor in iTunes to get prominent places. If Apple allows the playlist or the iTunes Store purchases using Facebook or Twitter weiterzuempfehlen could not inconsiderable provide more revenue. And the streaming service last.fm eingnet is best to inform the user of new music to make palatable.

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