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OS 3.0.1 is Still Vulnerable to SMS Hack


iSpazio reports New Firmware 3.0.1 does not solve all the problems of vulnerability. For the record, Apple has fix to bug discovered by Miller, but MuscleNerd, (the member of the DevTeam), a few minutes ago he received a demonstration of a new hack Luis Miras and Zane Lackey, who can also be applied on the new firmware 3.0.1. In particular it is an operator problem and has already been shared with the GSM Alliance. The attack is very simple: You sent a text message inviting bogus clicking on links (maybe to get a refill). Once you have clicked the URL, the hackers will have full control of your phone.

According to Cnet News “ This attack on MMS (multimedia messaging service) messages, a type of SMS message, could allow an attacker to trick the recipient into visiting a malicious Web site or ultimately do something else to harm the phone or steal data. The attacks work potentially on any type of phone that is MMS-enabled and operating on Global System for Mobile communications (GSM) networks, said Zane Lackey, a senior consultant at ISEC Partners, and independent researcher Luis Miras.”

Dev Team Member Musclenerd confirms that the hacks discovered by Luis Miras are legit. Here is the screenshot of his latest tweet.

OS 3.0.1 SMS Hack

Probably would have been better not to give so much importance to this problem, because (according to statements by Apple) had never been applied on an iPhone. At this time, however, it seems that all hackers are paying their attention on this bug, which really starts to become dangerous.


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