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Movement : Change the order of icons on the iPhone from your Mac


One of the rumored iTunes 9 feature turns in to reality, it’s rumored that iTunes 9 added a new feature to organize iPhone applications directly from the iTunes window pane. iTunes 9 is still so far but thanks to Movementapp for releasing Movement to manage the icons on the iPhone from your Mac. You need a Jailbreaked iPhone, Mac OS X and Movement (Download Here). Movement is available for Mac OS X only we are not sure about Windows version coming (if any). The procedure is very simple and following is a brief guide that explains step by step how to use Movement.

Download and install the on your Mac, and follow any instructions that the program will tell.


1. Connect your iPhone or iPod Touch to Mac

2. Click on “Read Apps”;


3. Changing the order of icons to your liking, using the mouse;

4. Click on “Write Apps” to save the changes.

5. The application will ask you to save a backup of the previous position of icons or to proceed by saving the new order;


6. Unplug the iPhone or iPod Touch from your Mac and reboot the device to display the new arrangement of icons on your SpringBoard.


Through the “+” and “-” present in the main Movement can, finally, increase or decrease the number of pages of SpringBoard available. The following is a short video demonstration of the program in operation:

Video & Image Credit : iSpazio


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