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iPhone 3GS 8GB Coming to Rogers UK Was Rumor


A few days ago iPhone 3GS 8GB model rumor hits the web, according to various tech blogs iPhone 3GS 8GB was listed on the official website of Rogers. Finally Gizmodo confirms that it was just a rumor,  Rogers has removed the 8 GB iPhone 3GS entry from the table, and Gizmodo has received a report from a Rogers spokesperson claiming that it was posted in error. ” You’re right, there is no 8GB 3G s iPhone. There is a formatting error on our website. It is being corrected asap ” So it’s confirmed that 8GB 3GS was a false alarm. Macrumor says ” Rogers, however, likely wouldn’t be able to confirm the existence of a new iPhone model without the express permission of Apple, which would almost certainly want to make the announcement itself. Whether Rogers is being truthful about the situation or covering for the screenshot leak and a pre-mature publication of the comparison chart, possibly due to its contractual obligations with Apple, remains unknown.”

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