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Features and Update to Facebook 3.1 iPhone app


Last week Apple released the latest version of Facebook iPhone app, as Joe promised the new interface is really cool and more user friendly. The home screen now offers a 3-by-3 grid for more easy interface.Apart from whole makeover the new update is very buggy and some important features like Push Notifications, In built Video player are missing. Some bugs are fixed in recent 3.0.1 update but still many users are complaining about some glitches. In the mean time, Joe Hewitt official developer for Facebook iPhone app hinted the version 3.1 So what can you expect from the new Facebook 3.1 App? Thankfully iSpazio published a little list of features that seems to have addressed many users feedback concerning the previous version

  • Synchronization between the Buddy List and Facebook contacts organized in its native application.
  • Push Notifications: Will warn us of a new shout or comment, a new image etc, but will not work for the chat.
  • Ability to save results of a search.


The list is incomplete and we’ll update this as the new information leaks.


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