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How to Encrypt Chat and Data in iChat


iChat is a bundled instant messaging software application for Mac OS X Leopard. iChat supports audio, video and screen-sharing capabilities as well as text messaging. If you are so concerned about your conversation and you need to make it secure, MobileMe can solve your problem by encrypting your session and data you share with your buddy. In short by securing your iChat, all text, audio, video, or data transferred in the chat is encrypted. To use this safeguard, you and your chat buddy must both have MobileMe memberships and enable Secure Chat. When both you and your chat buddy have MobileMe Secure iChat enabled and you start a chat, a lock icon appears in the upper-right corner of the iChat window. Text, audio and video are encrypted on your computer, sent across the Internet encrypted, and are not decrypted until they reach your buddy’s computer. If you haven’t set these settings initially follow the process and encrypt your chat.

iChat Secure Encrypted

  1. First of all verify that you have configured Mac OS X for MobileMe by selecting opening System in Preferences >> MobileMe. Your current account status and storage settings should be displayed if your account is set up correctly.
  2. If MobileMe is configured, open iChat via the Dock or in the Applications folder.
  3. From the iChat menu, choose Preferences.
  4. Click Accounts.
  5. Click the MobileMe account you want to secure. (If your MobileMe account does not appear in the iChat Accounts Preferences, you can add it by clicking the + icon in the lower left corner of the iChat Accounts preferences and following the onscreen instructions.)
  6. Click Security.
  7. Click Enable.

Follow the same process on your buddy Mac and if all goes well you’ll see, a lock icon appears in the upper-right corner of the iChat window.


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