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SBSettings 3.0.3 Available in Cydia


BigBoss has updated SBSettings and various Toggles to version 3.0.3 this is a technical update to free more ram of your iPhone. For those who are unaware about this cool app, SBSettings gets rid of the concept of one app to toggle and launch apps from and adds it directly to springboard, giving you the ability to launch it no matter what apps are running by sliding your fingers across the status bar (top), a drop screen appears with docked icons for such tings as 3G, Wifi, EDGE, Bluetooth, SSH custom toggles etc. These toggles are green when on and red when off. . The menu will also display options to respring, or access various power settings to power down the device or reboot. The menu will also display information about your device like it’s name, wifi ip, cellular ip, and memory. Remember it doesn’t have an icon so after you install to access it you must slide across the status bar (aka the top bar that displays service, time, battery, etc.)


From Authors Desk : SBSettings 3.0.3 comes with a very minor code change and a packaging fix. The processes button “Free Memory” apparently has never done anything for anyone at all! I had one user report this and no one else. I found this today while installing SBSettings on a friend’s iPhone and noticing that there was no free memory after hitting the button. So none of you have ever seen how awesome this is! It is fixed now. Turns out I packaged the 3.0.1 toggle pack up poorly and the file was copied to the wrong folder.

v3.0.3 of the app changes the way the window opens slightly. It now requires at least 50 pixels of swiping before the window opens. This is to help prevent accidental opens. You can swipe left to right or right to left, it doesn’t matter. You cannot swipe down.


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