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Now search your PC from Iphone


copernic-150x150We all have thousands of pictures, music data etc on our Desktops but sometimes when we need them the most we are not carrying them with us. further even if we can somehow get access to those files its difficult to find that particular file we are looking for now we have a solution for that.  Copernic Inc is famous for making search softwares and it has recently announced the launch of its new software myCopernic on the Go!. This software enables the user to search its PC from anywhere using an Internet enabled device including your Iphone

As we search a file in Windows with its search option, myCopernic on the Go! also uses this desktop search to give you the desired file in minimum span of time. The software is secure to use as the data transferred is encrypted and no data is ever copied to any server.

All you need to do is to install the software on the client PC and connect this PC to internet. It’ll provide a login id and password and the authorized person can login to the PC from his mobile phone and is allowed to access the data required.

This softwares provide freedom to people as they can access their PC’s data from anywhere and they now don’t need to carry the data in some device in case of presentations as they can be accessed with their mobile phones.


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