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iPhone/iPod Touch Jailbreaking Unlocking is Legal or Illegal


In the US, it is 100% legal to unlock your phone no matters if it is iPhone or any other phone. In case of iPhone, you have to jailbreak it first to get it unlocked. So the question is Jailbreaking iPhone is Legal? And the answer is Yes, Jailbreaking is legal however, you technically “void” your warranty. In US laws are very strict for consumers rights. If you jailbreak, you only void your warranty if Apple can prove that the jailbreak is the reason that spoiled your phone (rare case jailbreaking damages your iPhone) only then they can cancel your warranty. A button falling off of a jailbroken phone would not be out of warranty just because the phone is jailbroken. Still if you need to virginize your iPhone before getting your warranty you can always restore to factory settings.

Hacking the iPhone/iPod Touch is not illegal. While Apple would like to make you think it is illegal, it is not. It is impossible to get in any legal trouble for hacking iPhone/iPod Touch . You and Apple made an exchange. You gave Apple money they asked and they gave you an iPhone/iPod. It is officially yours and you can do whatever you want with it.Because it is yours now, you bought it, you have the right to do whatever..But I do believe downloading cracked applications is the illegal bit.

Recently Apple has filed comments with the US Copyright Office stating that the act of jailbreaking your iPhone is a copyright. In Support to Jailbreak community and answer to Apple EFF responds, in turn, that “reverse engineering is a fair use when done for purposes of fostering interoperability with independently created software,” saying that yes, even though jailbreakers are using Apple’s copyrighted code, they are doing so in a way that allows them functionality that Apple doesn’t provide access to on their own.

Conclusion : Jailbreaking and Unlocking are not illegal. We are not encouraging you to jailbreak your iPhone/iPod. We are just clearing some myths about jailbreaking and unlocking. If you buy an iPhone/iPod, it should be your right to “get under the hood,” as they say, and do what you want. Personally i m using both Unlocking and Jailbreaking my iPhones but i never used cracked applications. But And keep in your mind we are not lawyers. ) In near future it seems Apple may be able to try and make a case against anyone offering software that does modify or otherwise “misuse” their copyrighted code. But that is future not the present.

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  1. Abedallah Abedrabbah May 7, 2010 Reply

    I don’t know why Apple is saying it is illegal becuase you own its your not theirs you bought it fair and sqaure. In our rights we have the private property which we buy, like the ipod touch and technically we bought it from them. Its yours and you can do anything you want to do with that ipod touch or iphone. So Apple shouldn’t claim jailbreaking is illegal.

  2. alex December 7, 2009 Reply

    i dont know if jailbreaking is ilegal or not, but would it mean u cant get ur iphone fixed?

  3. Shadow October 8, 2009 Reply

    Apple does not care about Jailbreaking, what they care about is am app in circulation on the net. They only way to use this app is via Jailbreak, essentially what its allows the end user to do is circumvent the IPOD of running signed code. Allowing the end user to run software found on the Apple App store, without having bought it legally. I think for all intents and purposes they are not in the wrong with that, I mean if you were loosing millions simply because people refused to buy what your selling only to find their stealing it. Then its called piracy, yes piracy exists even on the Ipod/Iphone welcome to reality.

  4. Menace October 6, 2009 Reply

    Jailbreaking is and never will be illegal. It is your legal right to use the product you paid for. If we were leasing iPods and iPhones that would be diff lol. WE PAID FOR IT! The cracked apps may be like front tinted windows (illegal in many states but ppl still do it). I mainly jb for Cydia and simple things like missed call notifications and backgound apps. I promise if apple incorporated ALL of Cydia’s mods, I would sign a legal contract not to jailbreak and I would even pay more money a month on my iPhone bill. But since apple won’t, Ill be jailbreaking again when greenpois0n comes out! Take that apple!!!!!

  5. Troest October 5, 2009 Reply

    Well… I spend a lot of cash on it… If apple want to control what software I use it should be cheaper..
    No it’s not illegal

  6. TK-421 October 5, 2009 Reply

    It’s my phone… I paid for it. If I want to run over it with my car I can. If I want to adjust the settings and software, I can. If I want to throw it out a window, I can. If I want to jail break it, I can. Just because it’s an iPhone doesn’t mean Apple owns my soul now. Like Sam said, yes I may void the warranty, but by no means should it be considered illegal. Sheesh…

  7. Sam July 20, 2009 Reply

    Jailbreaking / unlocking is similar to modifying a car. Once you buy a car, you can turbo the engine, add an aftermarket exhaust system, changing the lights, etc. It is YOUR car, and yes, some modifications will void a car’s warranty, but once you buy a car, it is your car and you SHOULD be able to do whatever you want with it.

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