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How to Compress Mac OS X Leopard to a Single Layer DVD


OSX86 users who are trying to use Retail Install method needs to burn Leopard Disk on DVD. Since the size of leopard DVD is more than 6.4 GB so you need to burn a Dual Layer Disk.  Most of us having Single Layer DVD writers. Some have Dual Layer writers but finding a blank disc is also a pain. So here’s a short and quick foolproof guide to making a SL-DVD leopard install disc. Cheers to rathalos for superb n easy instructions.

What you need
1. Original Leopard developers seed (.dmg)(6.55Gb)
2. One blank DVD (+1 backup blank just in case you screw up)
3. Mac OS X 10.4.X Tiger (This is important, leopard screws up disc burning)
4. 6.55Gb+6.55Gb+4.7Gb=17.8Gb of hard disc space
1. Mount the Original Leopard DMG (jus double click u idiot!!)
2. Open Disc Utility (under Applications -> Utilities)
3. Click on New Image (at the top u fool!!)
4. Name the image as dump (save on desktop!!)
5. Put the type as sparse image
6. Put the size as DL-DVD (8Gb), and click create
7. Mount dump.sparse
8. In disc utility, select the dump image and click the restore tab
9. Drag the mounted Mac OS X Install DVD to the Restore from field
10. Drag the mounted dump to the Restore to field (or equivalent)
11. Click Restore and wait.. (have some patience… ZEN…)
12. Once that is done, open up the dump mounted image
13. Remove the Developers Tools under Optional Installs
14. Use finder’s Go to Folder option and navigate to /Volumes/dump/System
15. Go to Installation -> Packages
16. Proceed to remove anything that has Printer in it (u can always get from vendors)
17. Proceed to remove languages that you do not need (like french, german)
18. Verify in Disc Utility on the size of your dump (should be 4.3Gb or less)
19. Return to Disc Utility
20. Click on New Image
21. Name the image as burn (save on desktop!!)
22. Put the type as sparse image
23. Put the size as SL-DVD(4.7Gb), and click create
24. Select the burn image and click the restore tab
25. Drag the mounted dump to the Restore from field
26. Drag the mounted burn to the Restore to field (dont mix up!!!)
27. Click Restore and wait.. (have some patience… ZEN…)
28. Once its done, burn it to DVD (in Tiger, not leopard)


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  1. ari2k5 November 8, 2012 Reply

    Great work ! Works perfect on my PowerBook G4

  2. Jano August 8, 2011 Reply

    Why is it so important to burn it with Tiger? Can I do it with Lion :P?

  3. B.c September 14, 2010 Reply

    i cannot for the life of me shrink this down enough without deleting something vital. can anyone suggest pkgs that can be deleted so that os x will still run?

  4. gumble September 1, 2010 Reply

    can anyone upload or torrent this single layer dvd?

  5. greg March 22, 2010 Reply

    ok the restart takes up to 10 mins and you will hit a blue then a dark grey screen. Then it goes to installer and you just click customize deselect everything. If it says files missing, click instal log in top bar and it will name the file. Additional speech voices for me. Just burning to a disk. And sorry ihackintosh for the profanity for the first comment.

  6. greg March 21, 2010 Reply

    just about to burn. hope this wont fuck the family imac haha. This wont wipe it will it? lets hope not.

  7. jayb March 17, 2010 Reply

    i almost got this to work once, but i deleted something vital, so it didnt boot right. after that i rebooted tiger and now i cant get past step fourteen it says the folder doesnt exist? i’m not very tech savy, any idea what im doing wrong?

  8. kido March 2, 2010 Reply

    step 27 is not ok with me, cause its sayin disk full eventhough there is enough space for single layer.. can u please explain explicitly, thnks in advance..

  9. Jgrosse January 3, 2010 Reply

    Empty the trash before you do step #18

  10. Digital_Smurf October 14, 2009 Reply

    Had to delete additional voices.pkg to bring it down to fit as i’ve heard that you need the asianlanguages.pkg file for it to run. However will this boot or do i need to create a bootable disk?

  11. Zonekiller August 4, 2009 Reply

    When I click “restore” (step 27) I get an error message (-34)… disk full!

    My dump.sparseimage is 4,28 Gb. Could you help me please?

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