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Ubuntu Launching a new OS based on Moblin


After the launch of Moblin 2.0 it has created a great hype around its name. If you haven’t checked Videos of moblin 2.o from Intel check here. Moblin 2.0 marked a shift from the XFCE desktop environment to a custom built UI based on OpenedHand’s Clutter, a key piece of the Maemo and Sugar graphical environments, built around the standard Xorg X-Windows server. The new UI also includes an integrated Gecko engine web browser. Moblin Which is funded by Intel and has more then 50 partner companies has now started showing its presence all across. Mark Shutleworth owner of ubuntu recently informed press that they are working on there own version of moblin and just showed one screenshot for the same. from the screenshot it seems preety intresting lets see wht ubuntu adds into the world of Moblin.

Ubuntu Moblin


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