Jailbreak your iPhone

Unblock Facebook, Youtube, Myspace & School Internet




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  1. hackerjack December 1, 2010 Reply

    not pro

  2. Jocelyn Sabit October 17, 2010 Reply

    stupid ass people are always fucking blcoking these sites i hate how fucking stupid they are!!!! lol

  3. amber September 1, 2010 Reply

    these are all gay i cant use none of these at school if anyone finds one to unblock facebook and it works at school pleaes let me know at partyprincess2147@hotmail.com thanks xx

  4. Ricky June 9, 2010 Reply

    At school and I’m bored

  5. kylie May 26, 2010 Reply

    god my school is good not one of these work!!!>:(

  6. margaret May 26, 2010 Reply

    all these sites are blocked so i cant access them and i really need to thanks

  7. alexia valencia April 20, 2010 Reply

    yeah this thisn dont work on school web sites that are blocked !

  8. Kpayne March 30, 2010 Reply

    This shit sucks balls. Don’t even work. I’m dissipointed in you nerd bitches

  9. ellis fagan February 24, 2010 Reply

    i need a good proxey but nearly every proxy i try is blocked would some one please send me some good un populure proxeys to ellisboromad@hotmail.com please


    Ellis Fagan

  10. nikki December 18, 2009 Reply

    idk y they blocked myspace

  11. coco December 10, 2009 Reply

    anybody know a good proxie that works really good with out messing up, hit me up on yahoo shannessamayo@yahoo.com or myspace yvonnesmith56@yahoo.com

  12. MiKayla October 30, 2009 Reply

    none of them worked for me……

  13. tyler October 12, 2009 Reply

    Cant get on youtube. it says i need a flash device when i already have 1 installed.

  14. jordan October 1, 2009 Reply
  15. seilga isala September 1, 2009 Reply

    please open up myspace,youtube,and facebook……………………..

  16. ellis fagan July 10, 2009 Reply

    i realy realy need a proxy for school on either unlock ebuddy or school unlockkss pleaasee help me i realy reasly need a proxy fukll gratuueed to hu ever helps me find one and hopefully it wuill bring good luck op you as well or sopmthink even so i can make my own oproxy for free and easly so it wont be blocked in myn bastered school

  17. jeremy June 22, 2009 Reply

    these proxies are usless against RM managment. Try get some that work. i cant sit here and write an english essay all day. save me.

  18. Jess June 18, 2009 Reply

    Your proxy dont work 🙁 havee you got any moree if soo any for faceebook ? thanks x

  19. gerardo June 18, 2009 Reply

    thanx jonny this proxy is really working

  20. Andrea June 17, 2009 Reply

    Is it possible, for the owner, to check you visited through the proxy server???

  21. Jonny June 11, 2009 Reply

    http://voybu.com/ and http://sonicwallunblock.com/ are new working proxies.

  22. Vishu June 9, 2009 Reply

    youtube downloading is not working in my office…

  23. Johnna Dabe June 7, 2009 Reply

    What is Meebo??


    Johnna xxxx

    P.S. Thanks anyway!

  24. Justin Eldridge June 5, 2009 Reply

    Hey you guys should get a proxy for meebo

  25. Unblock Bebo proxy June 5, 2009 Reply

    Nice article…will give a try for these proxies. Thanks anyways….

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