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Apple Seeded Mac OS X 10.5.8 Build 9L16 to Developers


Another Beta testing days starts for Leopard. Restless folks of OS X developement team released first beta test release of Mac OS X 10.5.8 build 9L16 to developers. In the first build Apple asks developers to focus on key areas including AirPort, ColorSync, AppKit, AddressBook, Safari and USB. Seed Notes of build 9L16 (published by WorldofApple) reveals a quick known issue dozens of area to improve and a comprehensive list of  fixed issue. For details take a look at the seed notes given below.

Known Issues :
For some Mac Pros (early 2009) with USB audio device attached, built-in audio is missing in System Preferences after reboot.

General Focus Areas :
AirPort AppKit
Mass Storage
MobileMe Pref Pane
System Profiler Audio

Areas of Change :
Address Book Sharing now retains settings for MobileMe clients after relaunch
Accessing 802.1X tab in Airport Advanced Network setting in System Preferences freeze fix
Fixed ‘file in use’ errors on logout sync when SMB portable homes on NetApp
Safari and ImageIO compatibility fix
ImageIO and heap buffer overflow fix
libpng image corruption fix
Signing out of MobileMe pref pane now removes certificate and private key from keychain
Fixed errors with /usr/sbin/system_profiler loading SPAudioReporter on PPC
Fixed issue with streaming from some USB webcam after waking from sleep
Fixed issue with some Bluetooth devices suddenly not working

Issues fixed in previous seeds :
Resolved issue with changelogs and iDisk syncing
Issue with CalDAV and meeting mismatches fixed
Fixed memory leak issue with CoreData Framework Issue with iCal Synchronization and time syncing resolved
Resolved issue with Image RAW and CEmbeddedTIFFThumbnail
Fixed issue with SearchKit and Safari history searches
Issue with AFP Server and TimeMachine syncing fixed
Issue with HICocoaView and parent window positioning resolved
HICocoaView Shift-Tab focus issue in NSForm views fixed


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